‘They Have Part of the Responsibility for Governing’: McConnell Is Prepared to Work With House Democrats

Republicans lost control of the House of Representatives on Tuesday night, but Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) is hopeful that Democrats will work with Republicans to pass legislation and avoid gridlock.

McConnell spoke with Fox News following the election and explained that he trusts the American people’s call for bipartisan solutions to some of the biggest issues in the United States like health care.

Watch the video below:

“With regard to health care, it’s not working well. This is Obamacare. It’s not working well. The American people have given us divided government. The Democrats now have some governing responsibility being in the majority in the House. I think what they’re saying to us is, ‘You guys get together and figure out a way to improve the health care system.’ Obamacare has not worked well, so they’ve given us divided government. We have to work together. We need to improve the health care system in America because it’s not working well.”

McConnell, however, said he needs Democrats to get out of campaign mode and into a legislating mode if they want to get anything accomplished.

Watch the video below:

“[Democrats] spun all over the country that my side was somehow against coverage of those with pre-existing conditions. That’s a campaign approach that A) wasn’t true and B) doesn’t get us a solution. Now, they have part of the responsibility for governing. Let’s get together and figure out how to make it better.”

Senate Republicans failed to complete any major reforms to health care. Although they came close to passing the “skinny repeal” of Obamacare, a last-second vote by the late Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) derailed the bill, and Republicans moved onto passing tax cuts.

Now, there are several issues, including health care and immigration, that could still see a large-scale reform if the two parties are willing to compromise to work together.

The senator is correct when he says that the American people voted for split control. It remains to be seen if that split will yield anything other than gridlock.

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Rocky Drummond

Preposterous! McConnell was NEVER prepared to work in a bipartisan manner. The problem is that the Democratic leadership is so weak that Pelosi had already said that they won’t rock the boat. They gain a tiny amount of power and have no idea how to capitalize on it because the DNC will only take orders from their big donors. They are going to be stampeded, bamboozled and thwarted by the Republicans. That’s in their plan.


No high hopes here for anyone wanting to work with McConnell. Maybe had he tried to “work with others” when Obama was president and they gained control of the house, but he didn’t.

That bridge for him is burned.

I. Chin

Responsibility. There’s a term that means nothing to the Left. It’s probably in the “banned listings” because everyone’s a “victim”. In their limited vocabulary “power” and “our stuff” mean everything.

e.g. ask a SINGLE Hollywood SJW to dump their entire fortunes into a social cause. Ask THEM to move to a place with socialized medicine, fund a “free tuition” program, or become responsible through sponsorship for an illegal family.

It’s easy to posture when one pretends for a living.

I. Chin

McConnell’s efforts at bipartisanship to actually legislate are laudable. However, the Dims have already stated their intent to NOT legislate but to pursue a campaign of harassment on the White House.

Ever wonder why the wall doesn’t get built (stupid idea really unless backed by minefields, surveillance technology, and shoot-to-kill) ? (though shoot-to-wound be even more effective as a deterrent message)

Phyllis Softa

Were the 8 investigations of Benghazi all disproving conspiracy theories harassment? Was Jason Chafetz’s proclamation before the 2016 election that Repubs would continue to investigate Hillary Clinton to have been considered harassment? Was a Republican controlled House and Senate investigations of the 2016 election to be considered Repubs harassing the WH? Is the Congress’ responsibility for “OVERSIGHT” to be abandoned because it is displeasing to the POTUS? You elected a POTUS, not a king.

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