McConnell Lauds Trump’s Response to Russian Interference, Blasts Obama-Biden Admin for ‘Failure’ to Stop It

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) took jabs at the Obama administration for the Russian election interference that happened under its watch while lauding President Donald Trump‘s response to it.

McConnell took his shots at former President Barack Obama, pointing out that Russian President Vladimir Putin “didn’t just decide” to meddle in the election but rather he “kind of worked up to it” over the two terms Obama served in office.

“[Putin undermined] an array of U.S. interests slowly, but surely, over eight years of the previous administration’s misguided approach to Russia,” said the Senate majority leader. “Under President Obama, the U.S.-Russia relationship seemed to be defined by two constants: Putin’s growing assertiveness and foreign meddling, and the administration’s failure to confront it.”

Watch McConnell’s comments here:

The Senate majority leader continued on in his speech to applaud Trump’s response to the Kremlin’s interference, proclaiming that the Trump administration has “punched back” in various forms, such as “address[ing] vulnerabilities” in our election systems to prevent a “reprise” in the 2018 midterm elections and “direct[ing] resources to the Department of Homeland Security” to assist in “implement[ing] stronger cybersecurity measures” for local elections.

“They worked hard to gain the trust of state election officials in my state of Kentucky and around the country and provide them with valuable information through a voluntary information-sharing program that has seen participation from all 50 states and over 1,400 localities,” continued McConnell.

Watch the clip here:

McConnell’s remarks came after 2020 Democratic presidential primary candidate and former Vice President Joe Biden claimed that the election interference did not occur under his and Obama’s watch, contradicting former Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report that established it did.

As IJR Red previously reported, Biden was called out by CNN analyst David Gregory for claiming that the interference did not happen during his time in the Obama administration, blasting the former vice president as being able to “make lots of mistakes” when he “gets going” in interviews.

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I will bet fifty dollars that the msm, within 48 hours of his statement, will accuse Senator McConnell of blatant and over the top RACISM since he dared to point out the complicity of the obama regime in Russian advances in power, influence, and malfeasance.

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