Mitt Romney Doubles Down on the Trump Bashing — But Deflects Question on Accepting POTUS’ Endorsement

Mitt Romney is standing strong in his criticism of President Donald Trump, even after being reminded of his Senate endorsement.

During an interview with Jake Tapper, the newly elected senator defended his reasoning behind why he published an op-ed critical of the president. Romney had been endorsed by the president in the past, but later said that he regretted his endorsement.

However, he also seemed to defend his decision to allow Trump to endorse him.

“I will let the people make the assessment of which things were mistakes and not,” said Romney. “But when the president of the United States, frankly of either party, were to say ‘I’m endorsing your candidacy,’ I think you’d say ‘Thank you very much.’”

Trump also endorsed Romney’s senate race, but the politician made sure to point out that it was a one-sided endorsement.

“He was endorsing me, I wasn’t endorsing him,” Romney said. “And I haven’t decided who I’m going to endorse in 2020. I’m going to wait and see what the alternatives are.”


He claimed that he was inspired to speak out due to the recent political climate and hoped to encourage people to work together.

“You make your decision as best as you possibly can. But I know what my principles are, what I think is right for the country,” Romney said. “And I know that right now the country is as divided as I’ve ever seen it. People in many respects are angry and resentful. And they want to see leaders who can unite us and push through those things.”


  1. I already thought politicians are the lowest form of life.. Romney manages to make me think less of them all.

  2. I wouldn’t vote for that phony piece of ?for sewer cleaner ! That Aragant asshole thinks he is hot ?on a stick but is nothing more than a cold fart on a splinter ! Another asshole intended to stop this country from returning to the Constitution ! Romney clearly is member of the SWAMP !!!!!!

  3. Well, as far as I’m concerned, Romney is nothing but an phony piece of mouth running ?with a deep ass pocket book and a bunch of dumbass’s voting for him, so his sorry ass can work against us and our serious need for a very tall border wall, fence or what the hell you want to call it as long as those leaches coming here as a damn criminal only to be given damn benefits they don’t deserve, while we have veterans that fought for freedoms we the citizens enjoy are homeless and living on the street.

  4. The attitude he is showing is why I never considered him a good candidate for the President. He doesn’t consider people whose income is middle-class income or newly rich by developing a business, worthy of attention. He’s mad that the new Tax Law in place decreased how he can hide his taxable income from being taxed. He ha only been paying 15% tax liability on his total income.

    1. He has most of his money in trusts. Some are in trusts for his kids so he is not liable for taxes there.

  5. Romney is a dirt bag.. He is the Definition of a true Rhino! All of the things POTUS is accomplishing for us (non Elites). Romney is a rich Elite and will fall in line with his Dems Elites…Shame on you Romney!!

    1. Romney may be even a bigger RINO than McCain, but it a tossup.

  6. Mitt is such a disappointment! Hey Mitt, where is your team spirit?

  7. Romney’s comments are of the correct sentiment, just the wrong president. Where was this Op-Ed during the Obama years? Oh, I forgot…nobody dared ever to speak out against the Black Jesus who fomented the division we now live with in the first place!

  8. Voted for him once but never again. If Republicans backed our President we could get a lot done. Mitt ran under the wrong party. Shame on him

    1. that’s kind of catchy….and truly accurate!

  9. He wants to be President so bad…hey Mitt, never gonna a happen. Go back to your scorched Earth policy of buying companies up, draining them, leaving employees without jobs and retirements and making you filthy rich. Yea, you have alot of room to be so judgemental. Jackass.

  10. Mitt Romney….the same guy who put his Irish Setter in a crate on top of his car and drove for 12 hours on the highway to Canada leaving the poor dog so terrified that he had diarrhea in his carrier and then said people were upset about because ‘his dog likes fresh air’. That Mitt Romney?

    1. the same jack ass who thought it was a conspiracy that he and his wife invariably got seats on planes near windows that did not open….

  11. Give that boy some feminine napkins. He’s going mighty pale.

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