‘Do the Right Thing’: MLK’s Daughter Sends a ‘Plea to Congress’ to Pass Trump-Backed Prison Reform

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The daughter of a civil rights icon is calling Congress to pass new prison reforms in the First Step Act.

Dr. Bernice King, the daughter of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., recently wrote a letter that was released to The Daily Wire from National Diversity Coalition for Trump. The letter acted as a call to action for Congress to step up and pass the First Step Act.

“We are closing 2018 with an opportunity to take a monumental ‘FIRST STEP’ towards assisting and empowering the least of these in America,” King wrote. “In the hands of our chosen servant leaders of Congress is the FIRST STEP for Criminal Justice Reform Act that begins to address some serious flaws in America’s criminal justice system.”

She pointed out why it was a national problem, stating that the current system offers no redemption for inmates.

“Today, over two million Americans are incarcerated in a system that does not offer the resources to bring out their intellectual and creative genius. Invariably, the world at large is impacted,” said King. “Families are fractured. Children are missing out on relationships with their parents.”

While she says she thinks it could be more comprehensive, she pointed out important things that the bill could help fix.

“The FIRST STEP Act would provide federal judges the discretion to augment sentencing guidelines when the mandatory minimum is too harsh for some criminal offenses. The FIRST STEP Act introduces a mentor program between incarcerated youth and volunteers from faith-based or community organizations. Additionally, the FIRST STEP Act will retroactively reform unfair sentencing disparities that affected 2,600 federal prisoners convicted of crack offenses before 2010.”

President Donald Trump has been extremely supportive of the bill, calling for Congress to pass it as soon as possible.


Although some lawmakers are uncertain whether to support the reform, King hopes that both parties will be supportive of an important first step.

“If you believe in prayer – PRAY. If you believe in America’s declaration of liberty and justice for ALL – support this bill,” said King. “America has been at its best when we have come together and voted together for the good of humanity!”

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Obummer created the Promise Program it generated Nikolas Cruz.

Recidivism is very high but when the person is released they don’t go back to their old crime they take it up a notch and pretty soon they are either killed or have killed someone else.

Hector Espada

Because she is against killing cops ” especially white ones” Sharpton , Jackson and Farakhan label her an Aunt Jemima.





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