GOP Rep Supports a Trump ‘National Emergency’ — But CNN Reminds Him What He Said About Obama

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Alabama Congressman Mo Brooks decided to start the news cycle off with a bang on Friday by parroting White House talking points on CNN, but he hit a wall when host John Berman reminded him what he’s said about the previous president.

Berman read from a 2015 amicus brief that Brooks signed on to under Obama, accusing the 44th president of executive overreach during the Obamacare fight.

When asked why executive overreach was such a fundamental problem with Obama’s executive order but not with President Donald Trump’s possible declaration of a “national emergency” to build his wall, Mo Brooks said, “What we’re facing today is a national emergency of major proportions.”

The CNN host tried to pin the Republican down on it, asking why it’s a national emergency and Brooks swung for the fences, comparing illegal immigration to 9/11, saying, “Let’s look at 9/11 by way of example. We lost 3,000 people, more or less, on 9/11 … with the southern border, we have the loss of at least 15,000 Americans a year. That’s justification.”

Here’s the clip of that exchange:

Soon after, Brooks tried to run out another White House talking point, saying that 90 percent of heroin that causes overdoses in the United States comes across the southern border. Berman called him out on that statistic too, noting, “The predominant amount of heroin does come over the southern border but the vast majority of it comes at points of entry.”

When Brooks tried to argue that immigrants are disproportionately responsible for crime, Berman showed a study by the Cato Institute that found that undocumented immigrants are actually responsible for less crime that American-born citizens.

Finally, Brooks accused Democrats of being apathetic about border security but Berman pointed out that the Democrats agreed to $1.3 billion in border security in a bill. Like the White House, Brooks tried to argue that the Democrats, not the president, are responsible for the government shutdown but it’s pretty hard to make that case when there’s somebody nearby pointing to the facts.

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The simple fact is that Obozocare was NOT a national emergency. However, the invasion of the United States by anyone IS a national emergency.

Phyllis Softa
Phyllis Softa

What was President Obama’s executive overreach during the ACA passage thru Congress? While you are at it, could you explain how Republicans were opposed to stimulus in the midst of the worst recession and support stimulus while claiming a great economy? Why has deficit chants disappeared under Trump?

Rocky Drummond
Rocky Drummond

Isn’t it funny, Congressman Mo Brooks, how politics ends up being political?

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