Mom Held Up at Gunpoint Knows Man Can’t Fire When She Spots a Color That Shouldn’t Be on a Rifle

Misty Bearden is no fool.

The first thing the Oklahoma mom noticed about the would-be robber of the Springer Food Mart was his voice. He was a regular, she told KXII.

The second thing she noticed was his gun.

Image Credit: Screenshot/KXII

According to KTEN, Misty was counting change at the Oklahoma convenience store around 10 p.m. when a masked man holding a rifle walked in.

As Misty explained to KXII, she was raised around guns and learned proper gun safety and gun care.

“[…] I was like, you’re not getting the money,” she told KXII.

What tipped Misty off was obvious to her and likely overlooked by the suspect. While staring at the barrel of the gun being pointed at her, she noticed that the man couldn’t get it to load. It was rusted.

In fact, Misty was so certain that the suspect wouldn’t be able to shoot — even if he tried — she dared to ring the authorities right in front of him.

After the store phone was grabbed out of her hand, Misty went for her cell phone when that too was snatched. Misty went for a third phone when the suspect bolted towards the door.

According to KTEN, police are still looking for a white male with dirty blond hair driving a red, four-door sedan

Carter County Sheriff Chris Bryant said that he does not advise those in trouble to try to fight back the way Misty did. He said Misty is lucky the robbery worked out the way it did:

“More or less, what I would say to people out there if you have a situation like this occur, just give them what they want and go on.”

Misty explained to KTEN it was either her or him:

“[…]I’ve got two babies at home. I didn’t care if he was coming home in a body bag, I was going home to my babies.”

And it seems pure adrenaline forced her to act on her instinct about the gun being rusted, as she told KXII:

“I was livid, she said, adding: “I have two kids and momma’s coming home tonight.”

Police encourage anyone with information to contact the Carter County Sheriffs Office.

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