Mom is Devastated by Ticket After Telling Officer It’s Food or Tags. But She’s Not Finished With Her Yet…

For Naomi Norelli, “tough” doesn’t even begin to describe the past fifteen months.

The mom of two tells Independent Journal Review that while pregnant, she found out she had cancer. As KDVR reports, Norelli endured the required cancer treatments and gave birth to a baby boy.

She uprooted her life and moved to Colorado for a job, only to find that the job opportunity had fallen through.

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With only $6,000 in her savings account, she began to struggle financially. Norelli was able to get a job that kept them afloat for a while.

Then her car died.

She purchased a new car but later learned that the financing for it did not include all of the necessary costs. Norelli tells Independent Journal Review:

“I inquired to make sure that the taxes were included in the financing only to [find] out at the driver services that only the state tax was included and not the $398 in county tax.”

Nor did the financing cover the cost of replacing her expired tags. And because when it rains, it pours, Norelli got pulled over for those tags. She explains:

“I was pulled over Thursday last week literally in front of work and the police officer advised me that she pulled me over because of the plates being expired.”

It was the day before payday, and Norelli was “scraping by.” Her response to the female officer was heartbreaking:

“Basically it comes down to [license] plates or groceries for my two kids.”

The officer issued her a ticket — a ticket Norelli couldn’t afford to pay — and an upset Norelli thought she’d seen the last of her.

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But shortly thereafter, the officer showed up at her office, and she wasn’t empty handed. She came bearing bags of groceries.

Norelli was shocked. She and her coworker followed up by sending the Greenwood Village Police Department a thank you note. The thank you note struck a cord with the police department. Norelli explains:

“The next day, Friday, I get a call late afternoon from the Chief of Police. He stated that the thank you note went through the whole department and that they had money to cover the ticket, more groceries, a plush toy for my eldest and a Starbucks card for me. I was blown away.”

The grateful mom posted about her experience on Facebook:

OK I have to share…..Yesterday, I was pulled over and given a ticket for my tags being expired. My tags were from…

Posted by Naomi Sophia Norelli on Friday, January 27, 2017

She never expecting to receive such “astonishing and amazing feedback.”

The response to her post, coupled with the police department’s thoughtful actions, was a turning point for Norelli:

“Honestly after having such a rough year and a half it blows me away when people do amazingly kind things, however small they may perceive it to be it’s BIG. [It] just makes you know that you are not alone, especially when things are tough.”

Norelli was reminded there are still good people in the world, and often times they are police officers or other individuals who are there to help you and keep you safe.

The experience showed her that even you hit a “string of bad luck,” things tend to work out somehow. As for small acts of kindness, they really do matter:

“One small or big act of random kindness can really create ripples,” she says.

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