‘Moms Demand’ Founder Says New Hampshire Lawmakers Wore Pearls to Mock Gun Control Activists


Gun control activists in New Hampshire are claiming Republican lawmakers in the state wore pearl necklaces to mock activists who testified for a “red flag” bill on gun control.

The state’s House Committee on Criminal Justice and Public Safety debated on HB 687-FN on Tuesday, which would establish “a procedure for issuing extreme risk protection orders to protect against a person who poses an immediate risk of harm to themselves or others.”

Shannon Watts, the founder of the organization Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, claims lawmakers were wearing pearl necklaces to symbolically “clutch their pearls” at the issue of gun violence.

“Of the 13 person ERPO [Extreme Risk Protection Orders] hearing committee, 10 of the lawmakers are men; half of them are wearing pearls to mock [Moms Demand] volunteers,” Watts tweeted on Tuesday. “Meanwhile, their constituents are in tears as they testify about gun suicides and domestic gun violence in their families.”

New Hampshire Republican state Reps. David Welch, Scott Wallace, and Daryl Abbas are all pictured wearing the necklaces in Watts’ tweet, according to The Washington Post.

“These lawmakers decided to wear symbols that essentially mocked the process,” Watts told the New Hampshire Union Leader.

“They made light of this very important law that has been passed in nine states in the past year, and signed by Republican and Democratic governors alike,” she added. “They showed they were not coming to this hearing with an open mind, and they were making light of survivors who were testifying on the suicide of a child, or women who were survivors of domestic abuse.”

Sens. Cory Booker (D-N.J.) and Kamala Harris (D-Calif.), both of whom have announced their candidacies for the 2020 presidential election, weighed in on the committee members’ actions after Watts’ tweet went viral.

“Moms who want to keep their kids safe from gun violence don’t deserve this,” Booker tweeted.

“Too many guns are falling into the hands of dangerous people, threatening kids’ lives and making our communities less safe,” Harris tweeted in disapproval.

“These moms are fighting to confront gun violence and protect our children,” she added. “They don’t deserve to be mocked. We stand with you.”

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