More Migrants Were Apprehended at the Border in the First Half of 2019 Than in All of 2018

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The influx of migrants apprehended at the southern border is on pace to more than double the number of arrests in 2018.

According to a report from U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), more migrants were apprehended in the first half of the fiscal year 2019 than in all of 2018. So far this year, more than 418,000 migrants have been arrested at the border compared to 404,142 in 2018.

As IJR previously reported, this massive influx of migrants has completely overwhelmed Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) detention centers, leaving Border Patrol with no choice but to release migrants into the United States on their own recognizance.

With migrants being released en masse, several border towns are forced to manage the influx of Central American families. As IJR reported earlier, the city of Yuma, Arizona, had to declare a state of emergency because it no longer had the resources to house the migrant families as nonprofit facilities reached capacity.

Yuma Mayor Douglas Nicholls claimed he had to declare the situation an emergency as an attempt to “avert the threat of hundreds of people roaming the streets, looking to satisfy basic human needs in [the] community and not having the resources to do so.”

Several Republicans expressed their concern for the crisis at the southern border and called for Democrats to start working with them to pass legislation to help alleviate the problems.

While CBP attempts to navigate the overwhelmed processing of the migrant families as they are apprehended, it also has to work to prevent drugs and criminals from entering the country, too.

In just the last few days, CBP has apprehended individuals carrying 12 pounds of meth, 4,100 pounds of marijuana, 34 pounds of heroin, and 26 pounds of the lethal drug fentanyl.

President Donald Trump has been pushing Congress to pass legislation that would adjust the amnesty laws in the U.S. as a way to prevent the flow of migrants from entering the country while their claim is being processed. He also declared a national emergency to build up the physical barriers along the border.

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Yuma, AZ used to be a great place to spend the Winter because of it’s warm, dry climate and relatively small town feel. With the influx of the law breaking Illegal Alien Invaders, I suspect it is no longer a welcoming place for “snowbirds”; some with their multi-million dollar motor homes.





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