Mother of Teens Harassed by Dem State Rep Recalls ‘Shocking Experience’ Outside of Planned Parenthood

A Pennsylvania Democratic state representative is being called out by the mother of the teenagers he harassed outside of a Planned Parenthood location where they were peacefully praying.

Democrat Rep. Brian Sims became a viral hit after he recorded himself aggressively targetting people who were peacefully protesting outside of the abortion clinic in his district.

Sims — an LGBTQ activist according to his profile — targetted an “old, white lady,” as he called her, whose face he tried to capture on camera while also calling her “extremely racist.” “Shame on you,” he told the woman, as IJR Red reported.

Additionally, the Democratic state representative approached three teenagers and multiple others.

Sims — who targetted people who he considers to be “Bible bullies” — told the women “there’s nothing Christian about what you’re doing” and offered $100 to dox them.

See the incident below:

On Tuesday’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” mother of two of the three teens — who had also attended the March for Life in January — Ashley Garecht, recalled the “shocking experience.”

According to Garecht, prior to the video that was taped, Sims “came in hot, he came in yelling at us.”

Garecht said they were there because “this was something we wanted to do as a prayerful act of service as we prepared for the Easter Triduum.”

“We prayed for him then. I said we’ll continue to pray for him,” she told Fox News’ Tucker Carlson.

On the doxxing, the mother said she was “concerned” for the girls, adding that she told him:

“We’re really here just praying for these women and babies. We’re not looking for an altercation. I never come to clinics looking for a fight. It’s always just with peaceful, prayerful intent.”

Carlson pointed out that Sims labeled people in the videos as “racist,” even though “as I’m understanding, you’re arguing for fewer abortions among African American women. He’s arguing for more — but you’re the racist?”

“No, it doesn’t make sense to me,” Garecht answered.

Watch the video below:

In a video on Twitter posted on Thursday, Sims admitted that “two wrongs don’t make a right” and recognized that his actions were aggressive, saying he “can do better and I will do better for the women of Pennsylvania.”

He also claimed that the pro-life protesters were intercepting and harassing people intending to enter the Planned Parenthood location.

See his comments below:

As IJR Red reported, Republican lawmakers were quick to condemn Sims’ “harassment” and “tasteless behavior.”

Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-Texas) offered advice based on this to other men: “Great example to show young boys how NOT to act.”

Even though Sims has received a lot of push back since the video went viral, the mother of the teens shared that she has not been reached out to by the state’s Democratic party with an apology.


  1. Matt Walsh from the daily wire and a host of other prominent pro-life people are going to have a rally outside that PP location on Friday, 11am local.

  2. Big surprise, an apology was not offered by him or the democrats. Please don’t hold your breath. He treated you like a bully would. Great way to show respect toward a woman and YOUNG TEEN GIRLS!! He is a complete jerk and such a true member of the liberal democrats. Two wrongs DON’T make a right, and neither does THREE!! He still insisted, the teens and this mother were peacefully PRAYING for the females who were entering the abortion clinic. They didn’t have signs saying MURDERERS. They weren’t

  3. Back in the day, you would just say this guy needs his ass kicked. I’m sure there are several women out there that could do it. I wonder what this guy would do if some male stood up right back in his face, since he seems to be able to only pick on women and children.

  4. Remember when THESE PEOPLE only wanted to “come out of the closet and live a normal life?”
    Well, the came out of the closet. However, they need to work much harder to achieve the “normal” part.

  5. He’s a lawmaker, yet he, in violation of the law, harasses women (who he claims to protect) and children. He needs to be arrested and, since he’s sworn to uphold that law, get double the punishment anyone else would get.

  6. Supporting a right doesnt give you the right to trample all over everyone elses. Another brave male attacking kids and women that wouldnt have the guts to harrass another man like that.

  7. He attacks women and children. My guess is his deportment would be quite different if he encountered men.

  8. He said, “Two wrongs don’t make a right.” I only see one wrong. His. Unless he considers the old lady one wrong, and the teenagers another, but likely he means his wrong in response to their wrong. Someone help me find where in the Bible it says that it’s a wrong for a Christian to pray for life. He must be reading the satanic bible.

    1. My guess is that he has never seen a Bible let alone read any portion of one.

    1. Jason, And he’s still better than O’Crazy Eyes Cortez or either of the two Muslim terrorists that also were elected.

      1. Brian Sims is a Pennsylvania STATE representative. Obviously-Clueless is a US representative from NY. The Somali is a US representative from MN. RHT is a US representative from MI. They are all demoncraps intent on the destruction of the United States. However, Brian Sims has far less influence as he can only affect (maybe that should be infect) the people of PA.

    2. He represents people in Philadelphia on one side of the state. Then we have the mayor and council members of Pittsburgh, on the other side of the state, who knowingly and with intent enact laws that are prohibited by the state constitution. Oh, that’s right they are all deomoncraps and can do what they want. Anarchy reigns supreme in Pennsylvania.

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