2020 Dem Claims Congress ‘Made a Mistake’ Waiting for Mueller Report, Should Have Pushed Impeachment Earlier

Congressman Seth Moulton (D-Mass.) admitted that he thinks Congress shouldn’t have waited for Special Counsel Robert Mueller to finish his investigation to start impeachment effort against President Donald Trump.

As IJR previously reported, Mueller’s report found that neither President Trump nor any members of his campaign were involved in a criminal conspiracy with the Russian government during the 2016 election. They also failed to conclude that President Trump obstructed justice.

Now that the report has been released, Moulton — who is one of the 21 Democrats running in the Democratic presidential primary — told “Fox News Sunday” host Chris Wallace that he believes it was a mistake to wait for the Mueller report before starting the process of impeachment.


“I do support [impeachment], in fact, I supported it last year. I think we made a mistake as a party by waiting until the Mueller report came out. The fact of the matter is that this is our Constitutional duty. And a lot of people make the argument that it’s not a politically opportune time for us to proceed with this — to have this debate. Don’t forget, Congress does two things: we debate things and then we vote on them. I’m not saying we should vote on impeachment yet; we don’t even have the full Mueller report. But let’s have that debate.”

Moulton didn’t make it clear what Congress would have debated without the facts first being collected by Mueller and his team, but he made it clear that he believes Congress should have started the impeachment process way earlier. He also claimed that it’s not political to go after Trump, but rather it’s a responsibility of Congress.

“I called for that [impeachment debate] a year ago and we should be discussing it because it’s our Constitutional duty,” said Moulton. “Politics aside, Chris, how about just doing the right thing by the Constitution.”

Moulton isn’t alone in his claim that it’s not political for Democrats to try to oust the Republican president. As IJR previously reported, Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) made the same argument on Thursday.

The congressman has also called for the impeachment of Attorney General William Barr.

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Jim Glass

Debate? Yes, debate today’s issues (like border security). Impeaching Trump is not one of today’s issues. Shut up, sit down and get to work!


So this must be the swamp President Trump talked of draining. Let the fun begin.

Joan Hill

WHAT r you talking about? no grounds for impeachment! best president in years> get off the hatred merry go round. STEP UP and honor our President . Stop the BS!

Paul Delfornia

If the Demonic Dims try to impeach OUR President then they will face the wrath of the American People ,,, We are armed and will destroy every one of you pansies !!!!!!

Tom Bodine

Another lunatic lefty with only an agenda not facts.

Ryan Orlando

He’s right actually, this is precisely the argument I’ve been making for over a year now. I’ll put this in a way the red audience can appreciate: Much of what is in the 2nd part of the Mueller report (the obstruction components) has been public information. So while some folks are freaked out by Moulton’s argument and are saying “you mean before we knew!?!” That just isn’t the case. Trump did just about everything in the 2nd part of the Mueller report right in front of the public eye.

Michael Meroney

I had the congressman’s comments interpreted and it came back ” Blah blah blah blah blah.’


Ya. Should have impeached ,before you knew he was innocent.

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