2020 Dem Says POTUS Is ‘Failing’ at Keeping America Safe, Claims Venezuela’s Mess Is Trump’s Fault

Congressman Seth Moulton (D-Mass.) claimed that President Donald Trump is “failing” at keeping America safe as commander-in-chief.

Moulton — who served in the U.S. military — told CNN host S.E. Cupp that Democrats should have the authority when it comes to national security and he hopes the issue will set him apart from the 20 other Democrats running for president.

During his Saturday night interview, Moulton claimed that President Trump is making America less safe and made his case to the American people that he would be a better commander-in-chief. He also claimed several global problems — including the instability in Venezuela — is Trump’s fault.


“The fact of the matter is that Trump is failing on these [national security] issues and you did a good — you provided a good summary. His best friend in North Korea is firing off missiles, Iran is talking about restarting its nuclear program and threatening our allies in the region. Venezuela is in chaos after the administration’s failed coup and farmers and families are hurting here at home in America because of this tariff war with China. We have got to take him on on these issues. Frankly, they’re where Trump is weak and that’s why we have to take him on — not just in his job as president but in his job as commander-in-chief.”

Moulton pointed to several issues he has with Trump’s foreign policy. He claimed Trump was a “best friend” of North Korean Chairman Kim Jong Un, despite Trump elevating sanctions on North Korea. Molten ignored the success that came from Trump’s North Korean summit, including the return of American prisoners and the remains of U.S. veterans who died during the Korean War.

The congressman claimed that the chaos in Venezuela is President Trump’s fault, calling the overthrow of Dictator Nicolas Maduro a “failed coup.” Moulton ignored the fact that Maduro is a brutal dictator who rigged the elections in his favor and was only ousted because the democratically-elected national assembly followed the Venezuelan constitution and called for the election to be redone and placed assembly leader Juan Guaido as interim-president.

Moulton claimed Democrats are better on these issues.

“You know, for too long the Republican Party has tried to own issues of security, of strength, of patriotism, of what makes America safe. And Trump is not doing a good job. He’s failing on every one of those measures, but we’ve got to provide leadership on the democratic side of aisle to show how we will make America strong and safe and secure in the world ahead. That’s exactly what I’m doing. We have to be able to lead on these issues if we’re going to win this election”

While Moulton was quick to throw Republicans under the bus on foreign policy, he didn’t explain how Democrats were better. Under President Barack Obama, Russia meddled in U.S. elections, Syria got away with crossing a “red line” by using chemical weapons, and the early pull-out of Iraq created ISIS — who Obama referred to as the “J.V. team” before they started beheading Americans.

From the looks of his campaign staff, Moulton seems to be following in Obama’s footsteps when it comes to foreign policy. He just hired Obama-era national security strategist Marie Harf.


  1. Yet another person campaigning on nothing helping to re elect President Trump.

  2. It is pretty scary that there are people like Seth Mouldy in high positions.

    “. . . Democrats should have authority [on] national security . . .”, “. . . President Trump is making America less safe . . .”.
    National security is a function of the Executive branch of the government. President Trump has been trying like he11 to make America safe and has been thwarted at every turn by the demoncraps such as Rep. Seth Mouldy.

  3. I also DON”T see how the withdraw of troops from Iraq was Obama’s doing. The Iraqi Cabinet approved the SFA with date of withdraw by Dec 31, 2011 on Nov 16, 2008. First signing was by US ambas. & Iraqi Foreign Min. on Nov, 17, 2008. It was approved by the Iraqi Cabinet on Nov 27, 2008. Approved by Iraqi Parliament on December 4, 2008. It was signed & announced by GW BUSH on December, 14, 2008. Obama’s inauguration took place Jan 20, 2009.

  4. I DON”T see how the mess in Venezuela is Trump’s FAULT. It is clear in Trump’s tweets he was led to believe Maudro WOULD be removed by the Venezuelan military. And that MAY have occurred HAD Russia & Iran not intervened-just as they intervened with Assad in Syria. Russia & Iran are WHY the 2 dictators remain in power today. Of note is the SAME guy who convinced GW Bush that the US would be greeted as “liberators” in Iraq is the SAME guy to convince Trump of a successful coup of Maduro.

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