MSNBC Hosts Dumbfounded After Kanye West Visit with Trump: ‘That Was an Assault on Our White House’

In response to music artist Kanye West visiting President Donald Trump in the Oval Office on Thursday, MSNBC anchors Ali Velshi and Stephanie Ruhle were left dumbfounded after viewing video footage from that meeting.

“Wow,” Velshi said when it cut back to the pair. “That was bonkers.”

“If you think you are going to get a thoughtful, play-by-play, and political analysis, you’re not because that was an assault on our White House,” Ruhle said, with Velshi nodding his head in agreement.

“You can’t analyze some of that stuff that was said,” Velshi continued.

Watch the video below:

“That was crazy, that was bonkers,” Velshi reiterated.

Ruhle also said it was interesting that West said he was drawn to the idea of “Make America Great Again” because of the “male power.”

During his meeting with Trump, West covered a wide range of topics, including gun control and the stop and frisk policy.

Watch the videos below:

The meeting ended in a hug between Trump and West:

West has been outspoken in his support for Trump since tweeting out a picture of him wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat, including one signed by the president, on his old Twitter account earlier this year.

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How much evidence do you stupid people need before you deduce Trump is an arch-racist. Do you really think refusing to allow Blacks in his properties, or demanding the death penalty of 4 black (Innocent) men the death sentence, or calling white supremacists ‘fine people’. Is none of this real? Do you believe it and if you do do you care, because either way, whatever you say, it will be a lie if you deduce from this Trump wants the best for black people. Who are you people?


Good for Kanye…he got the president’s ear and spoke his mind. What’s the big deal? Oh, I know. You don’t want any black people to get the idea that Trump might actually want to do something for the black community. That might be the end of your reign of terror over blacks that has kept them suppressed and living in squalor for decades. I am glad to know that many people are waking up and seeing the desperation of the media right now. Don Lemon just made an ass of himself on this show allowing people to call Kanye an… Read more »


How can it be their White House since Trump isn’t their President?


You two bobbleheads are an assault on the senses.
It’s an assault to you because the wrong man is in the White House and the “wrong kind” of black man visited. Racists.

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