WATCH: MSNBC Reporter Fails in Apparent Attempt to Get Santa Fe Students to Push Gun Control

In what seemed like an obvious fishing expedition for anti-gun comments, an MSNBC reporter repeatedly tried to bait Santa Fe High School students with questions about potential reform after Friday’s shooting.

The only problem was that none of the students took the bait that she seemed to dangle in front of them.

Watch the interview below:

MSNBC reporter Mariana Atencio first tried asking students about the “national debate” surrounding gun safety and gun reform.

“It’s just kind of hard to control some of this stuff,” one of the students said. “You gotta be kind to others,” he remarked, indicating that hurtful comments could encourage a shooter.

Daniel Kramer/AFP/Getty Images

When Atencio asked another student whether he heard from his elected officials, he said he hadn’t but offered another solution for school safety. Likely to MSNBC’s disappointment, it didn’t involve gun control.

The student instead pushed for locked classroom doors. Nevertheless, Atencio persisted.

Apparently not satisfied with those answers, she went on to mention Parkland students’ activism in favor of gun reform. 

“Now, your voices have become all important,” she told one of the students. “How do you feel about that responsibility on your shoulders?”

When the student again didn’t push for gun control, Atencio went on to talk about the “staggering” statistics, presumably on gun deaths, for the students’ generation.

They weren’t the only students to shirk off suggestions of gun control. On Sunday, shooting survivor Monica Bracknell told Texas Governor Greg Abbott that the shooting wasn’t a “gun law issue.”

“It’s a this kid was able to get into the school very easily issue,” she said.

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