Taxpayers Are Footing the Bill for the Mueller Investigation — It Hasn’t Been Cheap

REUTERS/Aaron P. Bernstein

Special Counsel Robert Mueller has been investigating Russian interference in the 2016 election since the beginning of President Donald Trump’s time in office — and his team racked up quite the bill.

According to The Washington Times, the Department of Justice reported that Mueller’s investigation had cost the American taxpayers $25 million.

Mueller and his team at the Department of Justice have been tearing apart every detail of the 2016 election in search of Russian meddling, specifically searching for collusion between the Trump campaign and the Kremlin.

So far, they haven’t found the smoking gun tying President Trump to any illegal interactions with the Russians, though the investigation has resulted in charges for campaign finance violations.

The president has been highly critical of the investigation, calling it a “witch hunt.”

In June, Trump criticized the expensive investigation. At the time, the total cost was around $17 million.

Six months later, the cost has expanded to $25 million. Around half of the money — $12 million — has gone to pay for staff salaries and travel expenses since the investigation began.

In total, Mueller has indicted 33 people, 26 of whom are Russian nationals. Only six of the indicted individuals have pleaded guilty, including longtime Trump attorney Michael Cohen.

Although Mueller has gotten some significant guilty pleas, he hasn’t connected the president to Russia. Cohen will serve his three years for a campaign finance violation, not for any dealings with Russia.

Last week, the president tweeted that the cost of the investigation was $30 million, overshooting the actual cost, but sticking with his claims that the investigation was a waste of money because it hadn’t yielded any proof of collusion.

The president hasn’t commented on the new report of the $25 million dollar expense, but it’s unlikely that the five million dollar difference will change his outlook on the investigation.

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The article is forgetting that alongside the cost of the probe there will be significant sums recovered from those who had engaged in tax fraud. In the case of Manafort, Gates and Cohen there will be money recovered from what they owe for unpaid taxes. The same will doubtless happen when they look at other implicated individuals’ taxes. Overall the probe will end up making money for the taxpayer.


When will we find out from the witch hunt how many parking tickets Trump got in his life?


I suspect the “opportunity costs” of the witch hunt (hereinafter the “Hunt”) would more than triple the $25-$30 million pulled-from-butt figure. Imagine if all those resources, time and attention went into legislation, or even a pet project of the left. The Hunt is a rabbit hole.

Tery Gohsman

OMG that’s almost as much as we’ve paid for Trump’s golf carts.

Robert Miles

So Trump is still calling himself a witch? Should the witches of the world cast a spell on him to make him grow bone spurs big enough he will have to wear high heel shoes with hollow heels?


Let’s take that money and put it towards the wall

Cherie Morris-Yelverton

I agree with Trump, it is a witch hunt all aimed at holding off Trump until they could get the House staffed with Dems and all the things being investigated about their people will be silenced. Muller has railroaded numerous people and I don’t believe a thing he has done proves Trump worked with the Russians to get him elected. I do believe Obama, Clinton and others tried to work their way in with the Russians

Donna Claypool Brown

“Russian interference in our elections?” By buying a few Facebook ads? Are you kidding me? People who are that easily influenced, shouldn’t have the right to vote!





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