Mueller Report Shows Evidence Trump Committed Crimes, House Judiciary Chairman Says

Jerrold Nadler
Joshua Roberts/Reuters

The top Democrat on the U.S. House Judiciary Committee said Sunday he believes there is “substantial evidence” that President Donald Trump committed high crimes and misdemeanors, and he plans to ask former Special Counsel Robert Mueller to present those facts at a congressional hearing on Wednesday.

“The report presents very substantial evidence that the president is guilty of high crime and misdemeanors, and we have to let Mueller present those facts to the American people and then see where we go from there,” House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler said on “Fox News Sunday.”

“The administration must be held accountable, and no president can be above the law.”

Nadler’s comments are significant because evidence of such crimes would be required if Democrats pursue impeachment proceedings against the president.

Mueller completed his nearly two-year long probe into Russian meddling in the 2016 election in March, and the Justice Department released a redacted copy of his report in April.

In two nationally televised back-to-back hearings on Wednesday before the House Judiciary and Intelligence committees, Democrats are expected to try and get Mueller to focus his testimony on specific examples of Trump’s misconduct.

By having Mueller lay bare the unflattering details of how Trump tried to stymie the investigation into his campaign, Democrats hope they can build support for their ongoing investigations into the president and potentially, impeachment proceedings.

Some Democrats in Congress support impeaching Trump, but they have not managed to win traction from House Democratic leadership including Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who has preferred a more cautious approach that entails conducting congressional fact-finding investigations into Trump’s conduct.

Last week, the House voted 332-95 to table an impeachment resolution.

The Mueller report laid out numerous contacts between Russian officials and Trump’s campaign, but found no evidence of a criminal conspiracy.

It also gave examples of 10 incidents in which Trump sought to hinder the investigation, but it did not draw any conclusions on whether Trump obstructed justice. Attorney General William Barr later concluded he did not see enough evidence to bring obstruction charges.

Whether Democrats will get Mueller to discuss Trump’s conduct in detail remains to be seen.

Mueller has made it clear he has no desire to appear before Congress, saying the report is his testimony, and he is also notorious for being tight-lipped and for giving one-word answers in hearings.

Adam Schiff, the Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, said on CBS’ “Face the Nation” that part of the goal of the hearings is to ensure the American people who have not read the report can hear its findings.

“Most Americans in their busy lives haven’t had the opportunity to read that report, and it is a pretty dry, prosecutorial work product. We want Bob Mueller to bring it to life… It’s a pretty damning set of facts,” he said.

Nadler said on Fox that Democrats plan to ask very specific questions about Trump’s obstructive conduct and ask Mueller to read passages from the report aloud.

“We hope it won’t end up being a dud,” he said of the hearing.

Nadler also said on Sunday he planned to go to court “within a couple of days” after the Mueller hearings to enforce a subpoena, after the White House ordered former White House Counsel Don McGahn not to testify about incidents he witnessed which many say show Trump tried to obstruct justice.

(Reporting by Sarah N. Lynch; Editing by Lisa Shumaker and Rosalba O’Brien)

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Tricia Anderson

Total B.S, Needler, oh pardon me Nadler will lose all credibility he has (which is scarce to none) in the process. He is only a puppet of the deep state. He should bite the big one!


Nadler epitomizes what is wrong with the Democrat Party. They will protest, lie, cheat, use corruption and media to try to get rid of any Conservative that is elected or appointed. Their tactics are the worst the country has ever seen. “At long last, have you no decency?” The Democrats are trying to turn America into a banana republic.


Let me list the 10 potential “obstruction” actions. Tell me which one(s) he should be impeached for. 1. Trump tells Comey “I hope you can see your way to letting this go.” – Allegedly concerning Flynn. 2. Asking McGahn to stop Sessions from recusing himself – telling Comey and others to publicly announce that Trump had nothing to do with Russian election-interference 3. Firing Comey 4. Saying Mueller had conflicts and allegedly asking McGahn to “get rid of” Mueller 5. Asking Lewandowski to have Sessions publicly announce the investigation was “very unfair” to Trump 6. Asked his aides to not… Read more »

Dave Hardesty

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler, with no respect intended or implied, let’s do a two year witch hunt for evidence of your high crimes and misdemeanors and try you on them, No member of the House Judiciary Committee is above the law either. So, what’s good for the Goose (Trump) is also good for the Gander (You and the rest of our congress.) Oh my, we just can’t do that now can we?

Thomas E cole
Thomas E cole

the lefts hate is only out done by their ignorance


.Phyllis Softa<

Didn't figure I needed to read the Mueller Report. I get the slanted, biased version here on IJR from the resident Socialists who say they read it. In any case, the report was a waste of over $35 million and proved nothing except the President's innocence and the Left's dogged attempt to unseat a duly elected POTUS.

Not sorry Lefties; but the unfit Hildabeast will NEVER be President (or Queen).

William Conley
William Conley

Are they seriously still going on about this shit after years of harping on it and being shown to be bias agenda pushing tools? Didn’t ole Nancy say they were moving on about the whole impeachment distraction?


Yes, and Adam Schiff said he had proof of Russian collusion and obstruction of justice against this president, but has yet to present it. Why? Because there is none and they are just fishing. If we could channel all the hot air coming out of these politicians we could produce enough electricity to run Washington for a few years. We could also reduce the high temperatures hitting the country right now.





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