Senators Murkowski and Manchin Went Against Their Parties During 51-49 Kavanaugh Procedural Vote

Drew Angerer/ Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Senators Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) and Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) jumped party lines Friday during a procedural vote for the confirmation of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

In a 51-49 vote, Manchin and Murkowski both went against their parties for Kavanaugh’s nomination, with Manchin voting for and Murkowski voting against.

Both of them are considered undecided swing votes in the confirmation along with Senators Susan Collins (R-Maine) and Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.). Both of them voted to end the debate proceedings.

Manchin is currently running for re-election in a state that provided President Donald Trump a double digit win in 2016. Murkowski is not up for re-election until 2022, so her vote factors less into her ability to win another term.

Murkowski told NBC News that the cloture vote was “a mistake.”

“We’ll see what happens tomorrow,” she said.

Murkowski has faced mounting pressure from her home state of Alaska, with many liberal and women’s rights groups clogging Capitol Hill hallways and filling Alaskan airwaves with advertisements to crank up the pressure on Murkowski. Alaska Native groups have rallied outside her home-state offices.

Murkowski’s defection could spell disaster for the Republican party.

The announcement that Steve Daines (R-Mont.) may be absent from the vote due to his daughter’s wedding provides another hurdle for the Republicans. Though he has said he intends to be there for the vote, the Democrats would only need one senator to flip should Daines not show.

However, Manchin has given no indication on which way he’ll go.

The final vote could be scheduled as early as Saturday afternoon.

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    • Why not? Consider RINOs. Manchin is a moderate, blue-dog, Dim. In the words of Reagan, the party left him.

      He’d be better off as an Independent (thanks Comrade Bernie) and caucusing with the Reps.

  1. It may get pretty cold in Alaska for Murkowski.
    Manchin knows the WVA coal miners would not be happy with a nay vote; as for Daines, if he deigns walking daughter down the aisle as more important than his service to our country, then maybe he should remain in Montana. He’d better haul ass to D.C..LOL

  2. Kavanaugh is in and the libtards are smashed in the face…. AGAIN! Ouch, really sucks to be a tard! So what’s next Trump? Let’s do this… it’s good to be a republican……

  3. I can’t speak to Joe Manchin’s reason, but I know why Murkowski voted no. A procedural vote only pushes the process to the final vote on the floor. If the procedural vote fails, the process goes no further. She voted no so that she doesn’t have to actually declare yes or no for Kavanaugh. If the procedural vote fails, she doesn’t have to choose between the people harassing her now and the people who voted her in later. It would have been the best of both worlds for her.

    • Good analysis. Let’s see if she keeps to it.

      Manchin is a difficult case. He’s a moderate Dim torn between his Red constituency and the demands of his increasingly Left party. Maybe HE should switch parties or declare Independent a la Comrade Bernie.

  4. I cannot say it more clearly than this thread by Kim Strassel(WSJ):

    –a no vote is a legitimization of the ugliest tactics we have ever seen in politics, a greenlight for them to continue
    –a no vote is an overthrow of due process, which is at the heart of civil society
    -A no vote keeps High Court at a 4-4 deadlock, and put circuit courts (including loony 9th in AK/AZ) in control.

    Why does this matter? The 9th “circus” is based in San Franpsychosis. (watch where you step) It controls the Western United States including AR, OR, WA, CA, HI, MT, ID, AK, and NV. Not bad for a bunch of UNELECTED OFFICIALS.

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