Nadler Thinks Border Agency Heads Should Face Prosecution for ‘Child Abuse,’ While Agents Deny Accusations

After several congressional Democrats took a trip to a detention facility at the U.S-Mexico border, there’s been mixed signals on the conditions.

One of the outspoken critics since the visit is Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.). She set off headlines after she accused U.S. Customs and Border Patrol agents of threatening her, and claimed migrants are having to drink water out of a toilet. In contrast, former border agents are pushing back against those claims.

However, House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler (D-N.Y.) told MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow on Monday, in response to his colleagues’ border facility visit, that border agency heads should be prosecuted on both the federal and state level for “child abuse” of migrant children.

“This is [inhumane],” he said. “Frankly, I think it’s criminal.”

Nadler went on to suggest: “There ought to be criminal prosecutions of some of the agency heads and some of the people for child abuse. This is clearly child abuse. It violates probably half a dozen laws.”

See Nadler’s comment below:

Despite congressional Democrats’ claims on poor conditions for migrant detention facilities, former U.S. Border Patrol Chief Ron Vitiello said, “That’s not how these facilities are designed. That’s not what our people are trained to do.”

Former U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement director Tom Homan bluntly said in response, “They are not drinking out of the toilet—no Border Patrol agent is going to make anyone drink out of the toilet. It’s just ridiculous on its face.”

While border facilities and resources are being stretched at the southern border with the massive influx of migrants trying to cross into the U.S., officials have made it clear that the border aid bill of $4.6 billion signed by the president on Monday will help but it’s not going to help with the immigration situation long-term.

“It’s a real problem,” a Department of Homeland Security official told Fox News, noting the backlogging. “The supplemental funding will help, but it’s a band-aid on a much bigger problem.”

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Nadler,should be arrested along with Cory Booker, AOC, and the two Muslim females. They are all lying, show boating


Numb Nadler has about as much business being in Congress as I have piloting the first mission to Mars.

Jeffrey Moore

You know, we could stop most illegal immigration simply by mandating e-Verify, making it a crime to hire an illegal alien, and requiring that all government benefits go only to legal residents. That would eliminate people coming here for the money. Even most of those who are now here illegally would self-deport.

Then the only illegal aliens would be those who come here for nefarious purposes, i.e., criminals.

Edmund Hickey

Jerry Nadler, a bitter old man has long outlived his usefulness in Congress. He is on a hunt to oust our duly elected president by any means he deems necessary. He is not interested in legislating but would rather focus on obtaining Trump’s tax returns to search for more ammo to get the president with. Trump is 100% right in withholding his tax returns. Isn’t there a law about self incrimination? Why should he provide the very material to nutcase Nadler who would comb it for something he’d try to get Trump on? Trump’s tax returns serve no legislative purpose.… Read more »

Patti Harrison

These democrats with their fake tears and fake caring, we all know that they are just simply using these people for a photo op and making sure that they will vote for them when they can vote! And we all know that some will vote anyway!

Henry Sisson

Jerrold (The Jowls) Nadler. What an idiot. I can remember him during the Bill Clinton’s hearings almost going to tears over the blue dress.


Nadler thinks? I don’t think so. He just follows the Liberal agenda which is to complain, complain, complain. The Democrats just want to import votes, no matter how much criminality is involved. Now, men are buying and stealing children to get into the states as families. Democrats love chaos. Democrats voted against the aid package because they want it to get worse, to use politically. Lying, cheating, corrupt Democrats. Remember who it was that supported protecting the children and giving them aid – Republicans.

Tom Bodine

Humpty Dumpty is out of his head





Bernie Sanders

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