Nadler: Congress Will Respond to Trump’s ‘Lies, Crimes, and Other Wrongdoing’

REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst

House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler has been doing everything he can think of to try to investigate possible wrongdoings in the Trump administration — short of initiating impeachment proceedings.

So it should come as no surprise that after Robert Mueller spoke to the press on Wednesday, Nadler didn’t seem entirely convinced that this matter is over.

In a statement, Nadler said, “Mueller reaffirmed his report, which found substantial evidence that Russia attacked our political system and that the President sought to obstruct Mueller’s investigation over and over again.”

The Judiciary Chairman continued, “He also confirmed three central points: he did not exonerate the President of the United States of obstruction of justice, obstruction of justice is a serious crime that strikes at the core of our justice system, and the Constitution points to Congress to take action to hold the President accountable.”

Nadler also accused Trump of “lying about the Special Counsel’s findings, lying about the testimony of key witnesses in the Special Counsel’s report, and is lying in saying that the Special Counsel found no obstruction and no collusion.” He closed by saying that “it falls to Congress to respond to the crimes, lies and other wrongdoing of President Trump – and we will do so.”

“No one, not even the President of the United States, is above the law.”

In a press conference, Nadler said: “With respect to impeachment questions at this point, all options are on the table and nothing should be ruled out.”

President Trump and the White House tried to spin Mueller’s appearance on Wednesday as the final nail in the coffin. White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders issued a statement saying “the report was clear — there was no collusion, no conspiracy.”

Though the White House urged people to “move on,” it seems like that’s pretty unlikely. Democrats lined up to call for impeachment. Sen. Cory Booker wrote, “Robert Mueller’s statement makes it clear: Congress has a legal and moral obligation to begin impeachment proceedings immediately.” Kamala Harris tweeted “We need to start impeachment proceedings. It’s our constitutional obligation.”

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So the left is going to use Mueller’s sign off as a A-Ha moment? Why did Mueller speak at all? With 2 years investigating, only those who knew or were associated with Trump were indicated? And for nothing pertaining to the investigation? Yet Mueller couldn’t find anything illegal with Lisa Page, or Stroyzk, or Comey, or Hillary, or Brennen, or Clapper or the DNC, or Fusion GPS, etc?

Cap'n HappyFeet
Cap'n HappyFeet

Jabba the Hut Nadler made the rounds on the Sunday AM “news” programs three or four weeks ago . On one of the programs (I think CBS), Nadler was getting last word as time expired, and said before getting cut off, “We won the election, and they stole it”. Anyone have any doubts what this is about?


Smug Nadler is an obsessed loon who would gladly have participated in the Inquisition. I hope the Dumbocrat dingbats do commence impeachment proceedings because that nonsense will be their undoing.





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