Nancy Pelosi Admits Big 2016 Mistake Was She Didn’t Think Americans Would Vote for Donald Trump

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi says her biggest 2016 mistake was that she didn’t think Americans would vote for somebody as “personally inimical to our values” as Donald Trump.

“The 2016 election: What do you think the lessons are? What did Democrats not understand that led to the results?” a San Francisco, California, news station asked Pelosi.

In a one-on-one interview with KTVU reporter Ken Wayne, Pelosi said that Democrats had too much “overconfidence” during the presidential race:

“I personally did not understand that the American people would vote for somebody who was as, shall I say, personally so inimical to our values in terms of how you talk about women and treat women,” she said.

“That’s just my own thing. But we were in congressional races. In terms of the presidential, I think we thought the same thing. Maybe there was overconfidence, that ‘who would vote for him?'”

The California congresswoman is not fully confident that Americans did vote for the president in a valid election. She told Wayne she is pushing for an “independent commission” to investigate whether collusion with Russia is what lead Trump to undermine existing sanctions on the Russian government and previously threaten to leave NATO.

“Why is he doing that? What do they have on him?

Maybe nothing. Let’s find out. What we do know is an absolute fact: that the Republicans are standing in the way of our getting those facts. That the Russians were involved in our election. That they hacked, probably altered, definitely leaked information that had an impact.”

Pelosi added she thinks the president is “dangerously close” to “flirting with abuse of power.”

Watch the full segment of the interview below: