Pelosi Celebrates Moral Victory in NC, Says McCready ‘Won the Campaign’ Despite Losing to a Republican

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) celebrated a moral victory regarding the recent special election in North Carolina — but not an electoral one.

While speaking to reporters days after the heavily-watched re-do race for the Tar Heel State’s 9th Congressional District, Pelosi said that Democrat candidate Dan McCready “did a great job” in his campaign and claimed that he “came out 10 points higher” than the party’s “last three presidential candidates” in the red district.

The House speaker then said that McCready “won the campaign” for the seat despite losing to Representative-elect Dan Bishop (R-N.C.) and claimed that the Democratic candidate “really energized a force” in the district that would contribute to the party’s state and local electoral efforts.

“So he won the campaign,” said Pelosi. “He didn’t win the election but he won the campaign. And he really energized a force out there that made that district much more Democratic for any state-wide or local purposes.”

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McCready lost to Bishop by nearly 4,000 votes.

The former Marine was also the candidate in the first iteration of the race for the North Carolina 9th, where he lost to Republican candidate Mark Harris by a much smaller margin.

The first election’s results were invalidated due to ballot fraud, sparking a months-long special election.

President Donald Trump paid a visit to the Tar Heel State the day before the election, holding a rally for Bishop on the eve of election day.

As IJR previously reported, Bishop gave the president props for his rally, saying the event sent his campaign “surging” and that the move by Trump was “a tremendous help.”

“So the president and the vice president stepping in and committing the way they did to this race was tremendous, and a lot of credit goes to the president,” said Bishop.

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Pardon my typing while LMAO. Nutty Pelosi is saying a loss is a “win” like some say DOWN votes are “support”. #???


Good call Nancy. However “moral” victors don’t get a seat or vote in Congress. You should know that.


How can she be so STUPID and still be in Congress?





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