On Partisan Impeachment, Pelosi Says ‘Republicans Do Not Want to Honor Their Oath of Office’

The House of Representatives is finishing up their second week of the public impeachment hearings; and though some of the testimonies have been damning, most Republicans aren’t budging on their support of impeachment.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) was largely reluctant to jump into the impeachment inquiry until it became obvious that most House Democrats supported the investigation. But she is now behind the investigation and Pelosi said last week that the inquiry has led President Donald Trump to admit to bribery.

During a press conference on Thursday, a reporter asked Pelosi about the lack of bipartisan support for impeachment. She said, “If the Republicans are in denial about the facts, if the Republicans do not want to honor their oath of office, then I don’t think we should be characterized as partisan in any way, because we are patriotic.”

The Republicans have continued to insist that the phone call between Trump and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky was not impeachable but as the impeachment inquiry has deepened, a number of witnesses have testified that Trump wanted the Ukrainians to announce an investigation into Joe Biden’s son.

On Wednesday, one of Trump’s ambassadors — Gordon Sondland — testified that Trump wanted the Ukrainians to announce investigations into Biden and that those investigations “were a quid pro quo for arranging a White House visit.” Republicans have been adamant that there was no “quid pro quo” and that Trump was simply interested in corruption in Ukraine.

On Wednesday, Trump told reporters outside of the White House that there was no quid pro quo and that he actually wanted “nothing” from Ukraine.

The House is nearly finished with their public impeachment hearings — or at least no new hearings have yet been announced — which means that impeachment will likely move to the Senate where a Republican majority is expected to vote to keep Trump in office.


  1. Here are the facts:

    Donald Trump ordered that congressionally authorized military aid for Ukraine and an invitation to the White House for Ukraine’s president be withheld unless Ukraine made a public announcement that it was “investigating” Joe Biden’s son and various 2016 election conspiracy theories. These investigations would have benefited Trump politically but would not have advanced any U.S. policy interest.

  2. The only one’s that aren’t “honoring” their oaths are called Dems……and Romney.

  3. I am confused.

    When will the House start the impeachment of Attorney General Barr? With him as head of the Department dealing with charges against Giuliani, they aren’t likely to do much.

    “It should be a no brainer that an Attorney General personally implicated in a complaint should recuse from anything related to that complaint, and Barr’s apparent failure to do so severely undermines the Justice Department’s ability to enforce the law with integrity and independence.” CREW Executive Director Noah Bookbinder

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