Nancy Pelosi Just Laid Out Her Priorities if the Democrats Can Flip the House

Nancy Pelosi
Mark Wilson/Getty Images

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) previewed her priorities for oversight of President Donald Trump’s administration if she’s able to retake the speaker’s gavel in the House of Representatives, and he’s not going to like it.

Pelosi told the San Francisco Chronicle’s editorial board that demanding Trump turn over his tax returns “is one of the first things we’d do — that’s the easiest thing in the world. That’s nothing.”

Trump is the first president since Richard Nixon to not release his tax returns — and despite repeated promises to do so, he’s yet to be forthright with any information about his personal finances.

If Democrats can win enough seats to take control of the House of Representatives, they are expected to flex the powers of the majority to conduct rigorous oversight of the Trump administration.

Pelosi also told the Chronicle that she’s confident in her party’s midterm prospects.

“I believe we would win if the election was today,” she said.

But any Democrats looking to exact revenge on congressional Republicans might not be too happy with Pelosi’s plan. The minority leader explained that under her leadership, Democrats should still seek to work with Republicans when possible — noting that the president still wields the pen over potential legislation.

“We will seek bipartisanship where we can,” she told the Chronicle. “One of the reasons we should win is that we’re not like them, and we’re not going to be like them.”

Pelosi also made headlines Wednesday when she appeared to shut down the notion of impeaching newly confirmed Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

Pelosi became the first and only woman to ever hold the office when she began her speakership in 2007, last serving in 2010 before Democrats lost their majority in the chamber. Should the Democrats take the House in November, Pelosi has already committed to running for speaker again despite some House Democrats calling for a change in leadership.

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  1. Just who in the hell do the dims think they are kidding. “If Democrats can win enough seats to take control of the House of Representatives, they are expected to flex the powers of the majority to conduct rigorous oversight of the Trump administration.” They do not even come close to conducting “rigorous oversight” of themselves. Now, if rigorous oversight means pointing their fingers at everybody else, they already do that better than anyone else.

    • Trumpster the traitor blames everyone for the rotten mess he’s created. The poison, the insults, the malicious lies, the threats, the foaming at the mouth of nonsensical delusions makes him the king of fake news. Repulsive republicans need to be regurgitated down his golden toilets, preferably in jail with for fraud, money laundering, cheating on taxes and inciting hate.

    • except trump , to him everything that goes wrong is someone else’s fault and anything good his all himself, I’m surprised he hasn’t broke his own arm patting himself on his back.

  2. The only reason Piglosi has ever wielded power of any sort is because her daddy was a mobster who controlled the docks and more in Baltimore and she has dirt on a lot of people.
    She apparently once had some political skills but all she has now is moxie and tired rhetoric.
    She should get the gavel back, upside her head.
    If the Dumbocrats allow her to stay at the forefront, they are as crazy as she is.

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