Nanny Catches Thief Stealing Package From House and Karma Just Did Its Job

Ordering packages over the holiday season is already stressful enough.

So the last thing anyone should have to worry about is the package being stolen after it has been delivered to their door.

And one Everett, Washington, family would have been the victims of package theft if it wasn’t for their badass nanny.

Nanny Kate Anderson was at the home of one of her clients watching over their 1-year-old baby when she saw something shocking on the home surveillance camera, per KCPQ.

A nicely dressed young woman hopped out of a car, walked up the driveway and proceeded take a package that had been delivered there just 10 minutes earlier.

Upon witnessing the robbery take place, Anderson ran after the thief.

As the thief was attempting to get into the passenger seat of her getaway car, Anderson’s screaming must have frightened the driver, who then sped off, leaving the young woman in the dust as karma made its mark.

Anderson got ahold of the woman, holding her down:

“I continued to run like, ‘Hey, you’re not a nice person. Like, I see you, you’re stealing from me.” And when she was on the ground, I kind of kept her there.

While in Anderson’s custody, the thief can be heard begging to be let go. She tried telling Anderson she wasn’t stealing anything:

“That’s when she literally was like, ‘I was just checking your address.’ And I was like, ‘No girl, I have cameras!'”

Eventually, Anderson brought the woman back up the driveway, where she waited with her until police arrived.

Anderson told reporters she wasn’t going to let something go down on her watch:

“If somebody’s doing something wrong, I’m not afraid to kind of put them in check.”

In the end, the homeowners said they may need to hire Anderson as their bouncer.

See karma at its finest in the video below.

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