Native American Journalist Demolishes ‘Nowhere to Be Found’ Warren Over DNA Test: ‘Where the Hell Have You Been’

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In a CNN op-ed titled, “I am a Native American. I have some questions for Elizabeth Warren,” a tribe member reacts to Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) releasing new DNA data that shows she has a very small fraction of Native American heritage — as low as 1/1,024.

Simon Moya-Smith, an Oglala Lakota, wrote the op-ed piece to call out Warren and asked, “Where the hell have you been?”

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The controversial Dakota Access Pipeline

Moya-Smith proceeded to question why Warren didn’t say anything when Native American individuals fought back against the Dakota Access Pipeline.

He described how people were shot, dogs were sicced on the people protecting their ancestors’ graves, and people were locked in dog kennels.

“Warren’s silence was deafening,” Moya-Smith wrote, describing Warren’s eventual response as “too little, too late.”

“Police brutality in Indian country”

The author wrote that police are more likely to kill Native American individuals than any other demographic.

“Yet for years, her voice — her allegedly Native voice — was nowhere to be found,” Moya-Smith wrote.

“Sexual abuse in Indian country”

Moya-Smith claimed that there had been “not a peep” from Warren about the sexual abuse occurring to Native American individuals.

He wrote that Native American women are 2.5 times more likely to be sexually abused than other demographics.

“Warren claims now to have Native American heritage,” Moya-Smith wrote. “And her claim to having such heritage — versus a claim of actually being Native — feels sneaky to me.

“Why has she ignored us for so long?” he added.

He also asked why not one Native American community has claimed her:

It’s obvious to anyone with eyes in their sockets or brains in their heads: because Warren needs our stamp of approval and our vote as she contemplates a potential presidential run. That’s why.

“It’s like that one person who claims to be a part of your crew but somehow goes missing every time they’re called upon to lace up and show up,” Moya-Smith wrote.

Elizabeth Warren
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Moya-Smith called out Warren for the “convenient Indian problem,” claiming that she’s using the demographic to advance her own personal agenda.

“When we needed her, she didn’t lace up,” he said. “She didn’t show up.”

To be a Native American, Moya-Smith said that one has to be there for the people and community, and not only when it’s most convenient for the individual.

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Stanley W Harrison
Stanley W Harrison

She may not be an Indian but she did stay at a holiday INN Express last night.


My family tree runs back into kin that are native American but that doesnt make me one



This should be the final nail in Elizabeth Warren’s coffin. Died of self inflicted stupidity.

Very entertaining. Thanks for the laughs, Pocahantas!

Tonya Osterman

If her 1/1000 makes her native American, does that mean my 2% African makes me African-American? Dang, my lily white self been playing this all wrong. But wait, because my skin is white that means I am privileged. So, do I claim victim or white privilege? Lol, this stuff is all so stupid!

G Dante
G Dante

The reason is because she is with the people in the nwo, and because she is not indigenous fact. For the person that said lies about trump above, you are stupid/retard fact. That’s why you vote democrat, you are the people that the people in the nwo get there votes from fact. Tell me how is cali, new york, chicago, baltimore, portland, and the rest of the liberal states doing. With the high crime, high rent, high mortgage, high insurance, high medical bill, low pay. And they want to take the right to carry a gun, and crime is high.… Read more »


Otisamsonite, you’re right, that’s wideload using an anonymous handle. His vocabulary gives him away.


Go find your mama’s anus Wide-Purple-slimy -stance.
Your daddy must be so jealous of the moans you get outta mom.


I heard Trump is Jewish by injection. Netanyahu has dumped loads into the disgusting orange clown. It’s about trying to discredit Elizabeth Warren. The pathological liar in Chief insults on a daily basis. She took the test and it showed she had a small percentage of Indian blood. Fu*k off Trumptards. Go find another pedophile or rapist to support.

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