Navy SEAL Accused of War Crimes Reunites With Family After Trump’s ‘True Leadership’ Prior to Trial

Free Eddie Gallagher - Navy SEAL Chief/Facebook and Drew Angerer/Getty Images

U.S. Navy SEAL Edward “Eddie” Gallagher was reunited with his family after being held in the brig since September and his family is praising the president’s help as Gallagher awaits his trial for war crimes.

Gallagher, who has a court trial set for May 28, was moved to “less restrictive confinement,” Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-Calif.) — who also served in Iraq and following September 11, 2001, attacks — said on Brian Kilmeade Show this week, according to Fox News.

The SEAL’s family had accused the brig of improper treatment while he was there — former Navy SEAL and Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-Texas), along with 17 other Republicans, sent a letter regarding Gallagher’s treatment at the brig, citing that he didn’t have “sufficient access to his defense counsel” nor “adequate access to proper food and medical care.”

On Saturday, President Donald Trump announced he was honoring Gallagher’s service to the country by moving him to the less restrictive confinement.

The Navy SEAL is facing charges for allegedly killing an injured ISIS prisoner of war while in Iraq, along with other charges.

Gallagher got moved to the U.S. Marine Corps Air Station Miramar barracks on March 30, and Hunter said, “He was just extremely happy to be out” of the brig.

Gallagher is now able to visit with his family, go to the Denny’s on base, and attend the driving range, according to Fox News.

“Family means everything to us,” Gallagher’s wife, Andrea, wrote on a Facebook page updating followers on Gallagher’s case.

“After 8 combat deployments over the past 15 years, we cherish every waking moment we have together. This is why we’re so incredibly grateful that President Trump exercised true leadership in granting us time together as we fight the battle of our lives against false charges.”

The Republican senator called prosecutors in the Justice Department and U.S. military “very vindictive,” adding that, “You won’t see many presidents that will step out of line like this and do the right thing for the right reasons when you have the entire military establishment and broken system trying to retaliate.”

“They are going to take it out on Eddie and we’re going to document that and make sure that the president sees it, and that the American people see it if they do it,” Hunter said.

The Gallagher family expressed on Tuesday “our deepest gratitude” to Trump in helping move Gallagher to the barracks where he will “receive the medical care he needs and deserves, and also the opportunity to adequately and fully prepare for his trial with his legal team.”

They continued their message to the president:

“This move would not have been possible without your support and recognition, not only of the great sacrifice of all active duty service members, but also the imperative to uphold every American’s basic rights to due process… rights that would not continue to exist without brave men and women like Eddie to serve and protect them.”

“We know President Trump, alongside Congressmen Hunter and Norman, will fight this swamp and ensure we have a fair fight ahead,” Gallagher’s wife wrote. “We’re incredibly grateful this country has true leaders supporting our military – from the domestic enemies within.”

Watch the video below:

This emotional time is the first time the family has seen the husband and father in months and will allow the Navy SEAL to prepare for his court date on May 28.

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