Newly Confirmed Trump Appointee Triumphantly Rode a Horse Into His Office On First Day Of Work

When newly-confirmed Secretary Ryan Zinke arrived for his first day at the Department of the Interior, he arrived in style.

As an avid outdoorsman, a retired Navy SEAL, a Montanan, and a general all around badass, it should’ve been expected that he’d make a statement on his first day in his new role, but the way he chose to do it turned heads across Washington.

Independent Journal Review has learned that Zinke was invited by the United States Park Police (USPP) to ride with them from their stable on the National Mall to the secretary’s new office at the Department of the Interior. He rode Tonto, a seventeen-year-old horse donated to the National Park Service in 2014.

Here is the former Navy SEAL’s arrival Thursday morning at the government agency he now leads:

Image Credit: Twitter/@SecretaryZinke
Image Credit: Twitter/@SecretaryZinke

Zinke was the first Navy SEAL to be elected to Congress, having served over twenty years in the United States Navy:

Image Credit: Ryan Zinke/Facebook

When he was confirmed on Wednesday, he pinned the seal of the Department of the Interior to his lapel, right below his SEAL trident:

The retired Navy SEAL and former Congressman has always made headlines for his personality. In 2011, while seeking state office, Zinke sent out what is arguably the most American Christmas card ever made:

But on Thursday, Zinke didn’t seek out headlines. He simply took up the USPP on its offer, as a sign of respect:

Zinke rode side by side with officers of the United States Park Police. While they wore their helmets, Secretary Zinke sported a cowboy hat:

Image Credit: Twitter/@SecretaryZinke

Zinke rode right up to the building in the heart of Washington D.C.:

Image Credit: Independent Journal Review

The cowboy hat is now in charge:

Image Credit: Twitter/@SecretaryZinke

Of course, you may be wondering, who was he wearing? According to press contacts, Zinke rode Tonto while wearing his Helmville Rodeo jacket and jeans. IJR has been told that the Helmville Rodeo is the best rodeo in the state of Montana.

Zinke is a fifth-generation Montanan and the first cabinet secretary from the state.

While you can take Ryan Zinke out of Montana, you can’t take Montana out of Ryan Zinke.

Image Credit: Twitter/@SecretaryZinke

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