NBC Analyst Explains How Dems May Hand Trump Another Win by Repeating Mistakes: Biden Is ‘Hillary 2.0’

Despite his poor debate performance, many believe former Vice President Joe Biden still has a significant chance of securing the Democratic nomination for president, but an NBC News analyst is explaining why repeating the mistakes of 2016 could hand President Donald Trump another win in 2020.

Joining Sunday’s “Meet the Press,” Cornell Belcher called Biden “Hillary 2.0” and broke down why he may fail to inspire voters and could suffer a loss to Trump, as former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton did in 2016.

“This is my problem with Joe Biden, my fear with Joe Biden that he’s Hillary 2.0,” Belcher put it bluntly before diving into his argument.

“I sat in focus group rooms with younger voters, particularly younger voters of color, and they brought up the super predator stuff with Hillary Clinton. And they said, ‘We cannot’ — you know, they’re not going to make the binary choice between the lesser of two evils. And I think the problem is Joe Biden becomes Hillary 2.0.”

“We need a candidate who can inspire and bring back those young people and rebuild the Obama coalition, a majority coalition, back-to-back majorities built on young people and expand the electorate, not going back to the 1992 campaign again,” he added.

Watch his comments below:


While 2020 Democrats have taken heat for moving farther and farther left, Belcher appears to believe the party could see a repeat loss by nominating the more moderate Biden as opposed to a more progressive candidate who may have a stronger appeal to younger voters.

In 2016, self-proclaimed Democratic socialist Bernie Sanders saw unexpected support from young Democratic voters who embraced his promises like free college and Medicare for All. Ultimately, the party ended up nominating Clinton, who offered a liberal, but more centrist platform in comparison.

The move, however, clearly backfired as Clinton suffered a surprising loss to then-candidate Trump. While it’s unclear if a progressive agenda can win over the average American or independent voters, Belcher obviously feels playing it safe may not prove successful for Democrats either.

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Clayton Fan
Clayton Fan

WTH! Chuck Todd cut off Kasie Hunt when she was still talking.

James T Metcalf
James T Metcalf

The USA will not convert into
a socialist controlled system!


Mr. Belcher is more than a little correct. It’s nice to see that, on occasion, a Democrat can actually open their mouth and not belch out complete crap.





Stephanie Grisham

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