NBC News Analyst Crowns POTUS the Winner of the First Dem Debate: He’s ‘One Step Closer’ to Re-Election

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An NBC News analyst named President Donald Trump the “big winner” from the first night of the initial round of the 2020 Democratic presidential primary debates, proclaiming the president was “one step closer” to re-election.

In a piece published on Thursday, NBC News’ Jonathan Allen wrote that Trump came out the “big winner” from the first night of debates, commenting that the president was “barely mentioned at all” as the Democrats on stage fought each other on policy for supremacy in the eyes of the “political left” — and hosted a “mid-debate Spanish-speaking contest.”

Allen continued on to say that the move to court the “political left” could “alienate” the critical swing voters that impact the party’s fate against the president next November and that he believed “the obvious reason” for not going after Trump was that “the motivation to beat each other” overtook the urgency of “defeating Trump”:

For long stretches, it seemed, they completely forgot about the man who has been at the center of pretty much every discussion among Democrats for the last two-plus years — the man they’re competing to take on next year. The obvious reason: The motivation to beat each other was, on this night, more urgent than defeating Trump — a life-or-death moment for some of their campaigns.

“Trump was the chief beneficiary of that dynamic,” Allen added.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) — one of the 24 Democrats running for their party’s nomination — told MSNBC after the debate that the candidates could not make this “all about Donald Trump” and that people were getting weary of hearing about the president.

“He’s an old show that people are getting tired of,” Warren said.

Allen’s commentary came the day after the kickoff of the Democratic presidential primary debates, where 10 of the 20 candidates who qualified took to the stage.

As IJR Red previously reported, former Rep. Beto O’Rourke (D-Texas) was torched online for his poor performance during the debate, in which he dodged the first question he was asked by delivering a Spanish monologue on stage, prompting the debate moderators to call him out.

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I’ve never seen so many people shoot themselves in the foot at the same time as when the candidates were asked if they supported giving illegal aliens taxpayer paid for healthcare and they ALL raised their hand! Not just one or two, but EVERY candidate on stage raised their hand! …. Trump is probably STILL chuckling over that!

J gustin
J gustin

Trump was the winner last night.
The Democrat runners are so off the mark.
Trump will win 2020 by a landslide no doubt.


President Trump won and wasn’t even there? That is magic.





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