NBC News Pushes Back on Ronan Farrow’s Allegations in New Book: He’s Motivated by ‘an Axe to Grind’

Journalist Ronan Farrow’s upcoming book, “Catch & Kill,” is causing NBC News to push back on some of the allegations, including that they knew of sexual misconduct allegations against former NBC “Today Show” co-host Matt Lauer prior to Lauer’s firing.

The book details a “paper trail” of “multiple secret settlements and nondisclosures” that NBC News allegedly “struck with women at NBC News,” Farrow told ABC News. This is in regards to sexual misconduct allegations against Lauer.

NBC News, however, is criticizing Farrow for some of the allegations made in Farrow’s book.

According to The Daily Beast, NBC News President Noah Oppenheim penned a memo on Monday to staff to attempt to “fact-check Farrow’s assertion that network higher-ups had advanced knowledge of and downplayed a rape accusation against former Today anchor Matt Lauer, and worked to kill Farrow’s NBC investigation into disgraced Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein.”

The NBC News president wrote:

“Farrow’s effort to defame NBC News is clearly motivated not by a pursuit of truth, but an axe to grind. It is built on a series of distortions, confused timelines, and outright inaccuracies.”

Oppenheim also wrote, “I feel absolutely terrible that these three employees were subjected to Matt Lauer’s horrific behavior, but the facts do not support Farrow’s allegation of a ‘cover-up,’ and he offers no further evidence.”

“We have no secrets and nothing to hide,” Oppenheim wrote.

Additionally, a spokesperson for the network said, according to The Hill:

“The first time we learned about Matt Lauer’s sexual misconduct in the workplace was the night of November 27, 2017 and he was fired in 24 hours. Any suggestion that we knew prior to that evening, paid any ‘hush money,’ or tried to cover up any aspect of Lauer’s appalling behavior is absolutely false.”

According to New York Magazine’s Yashar Ali, a segment in Farrow’s book details a “particularly disturbing scene” of MSNBC President Phil Griffin previously sharing an inappropriate image of American entertainer Maria Menounos during a staff meeting.

Farrow’s book is expected to be released on Tuesday.


  1. SyPhyllis,

    Did Bill O’Reilly have a button locking his door under his desk? No!

    Did he have a cadre of left wing whackjobs that wanted to take him down? Yes!

    Matt Lauer had only his behavior to blame, especially considering the bias the media has that would instinctively to cover for him!

  2. Well….let’s see. He had a button under his desk that locked his office so his female victims couldn’t leave. That strikes me as one sick f*uck. No matter how the NBC losers want to spin this, the culture there is obviously corrupt. How can we trust them with their news?

    1. HOW many YEARS and HOW many lawsuits against Bill O’Reilly did it take for FOX News to axe him? HOW many DENIALS? HOW many complaints against Roger Ailes? How many denials? How many FOX conspiracies were disproved and their audience returns for more? If you are compelled to trust FOX, you should stay away from real news, because real news is NOT what you are looking for.

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