NBC Poll Finds 'The Democratic Party' Among Lowest in the List for Favorability


Yet another poll is showing just how much trouble the Democratic Party is in ahead of the November midterm elections.

A new NBC News poll examined how adults in the U.S. feel about a variety of politicians and institutions.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenksyy received the best rating among the politicians and institutions included in the poll.

He received a 62% positive rating, with a 9% negative rating.

The Walt Disney Co. came in a distant second with a 33% positive rating and a 30% negative rating.

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And despite all the criticism Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-Fla.) has received for his state’s Parental Rights in Education law — which has been dubbed the Don’t Say Gay bill — he came in third, with a 28% positive rating and a 26% negative rating.

The last politician or institution in the poll to receive a net-positive rating is the Supreme Court. Thirty-six percent of respondents gave the high court a positive rating, while 35 percent gave it a negative rating.

Then comes the Republican Party, which received a 35% positive rating and a 46% negative rating.

And while that is not great if you’re a Republican, the survey shows that Democrats have no reason to feel comfortable about their electoral prospects.

President Joe Biden received a 37% positive rating and a 51% negative rating. Meanwhile, former President Donald Trump received a 36% positive rating and a 51% negative rating.

It gets worse from there for Democrats.

Vice President Kamala Harris receives just a 31% positive rating and a 48% negative rating.

And coming in dead last, with a net-negative rating of 19 percentage points, is the Democratic Party.

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The network explains that this is the highest net-negative rating the party has ever received in the 30 years that the poll has been conducted.

Certainly, a portion of this negative rating can be attributed to progressives displeased that the party is not providing enough wins for their liking.

Another driving factor of their negative rating is that they are the party in power, and last year they passed Biden’s $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan without any Republican votes — which economists estimate added between two to four percentage points to inflation.

Polls repeatedly have shown that inflation is top of mind for most Americans.

Biden and the Democrats did not cause inflation or product shortages. But as the party in power, they’re liable to pay the price for them.

That this poll was conducted amid claims that Republicans are a threat to American democracy, and after a draft Supreme Court opinion appears to show it is poised to overturn Roe v. Wade should send a clear warning to Democrats.

Most voters are probably going to be thinking about the financial pinch they are feeling when they cast their ballots in November, rather than concerns about the health of the country’s democracy, abortion restrictions, climate change, healthcare, or foreign policy.

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