NC Towns Cancel Christmas Parades Over Fears of Confederacy-Related Violence

Two towns in North Carolina have been forced to cancel their annual Christmas parades following reports that the events might be disrupted by “outside agitators” upset about floats decorated with confederate flags.

The Raleigh News and Observer says that the town of Garner cancelled its annual event just before Thanksgiving when people on social media complained about the participation of the Sons of Confederate Veterans in its parade.

Then, this week, the nearby town of Wake Forest announced that it was cancelling its own parade, a 70-year-old tradition, for similar reasons, the Observer reports.

In a video message posted to Facebook, Wake Forest Mayor Vivian Jones said the threat of violence from groups outside the community prompted the decision.

“Even though for most of us our Christmas parade is about spending time with friends and family and celebrating the spirit of the season, there are some outside our community whose sole intent is to use the occasion as a platform to promote their political agenda without any regard for the safety of others,” she said.

Garner cancelled its event after images of last year’s parade displayed a float by the Sons of Confederate Veterans with the Confederate battle flag on it. Members of the group, one of 52 scheduled to participate in the event, have been active at the parade for several years.

Garner City spokesman Rick Mercier said there were no overt threats about the float, but the city opted to act out of an abundance of caution for fear that “outside agitators” would disrupt the event.

“We just absolutely had to err on the side of public safety and what we thought was best and what we could realistically prepare for and not put the public and staff in any kind of a bad situation,” he said.

Wake Forest officials reported receiving information from a “growing numbers of outside groups” who said they planned to attend the parade there both in support of the confederate groups and opposed to them.

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It’s a two-fer. Not only do the Leftists who run these towns get to deny their OWN Democratic heritage, but they get to down on Christian/traditional American beliefs.

It would be interesting if a real journalist asked these town “leaders” how they feel about celebrating Kwanzaa (a Socialist holiday sponsored by a FBI informer) or Muslim holidays.


it is called history and Christmas parades should not be cancelled because of some ignoramuses. Wonder if the mayors of these towns thought about arresting “outside agitators” for a minimum of disturbing the peace?

Allen Zabel

And yet, it wouldn’t be the confederates, who would start the violence.
It would be the new and improved, “inclusive” progressives.

Rob Carpenter

Give it a break on the racism BS, half of Garner is populated with black folks. Just make up stories, fabricate stories to earn you 5 minutes of fame in some news paper somewhere. One person makes a racist comment and the whole group or town is labeled racist. Yet one or a few snowflakes complain and so just end the complete parade and give them a win to silence tradition and history. Same thing happened in a small town I grew up in and was on the fire department. Some newby moron moved into the community and complained saying… Read more »


WOW, typical demonrat/communist violence. I consider threats of violence an act of violence . This is typical of the liberal turds in America. It is all their way or it is the hiway. Just another reason to ship all liberals to another deserted area of the planet.


Have your parade and cart the agitators way.


Take this from a Yankee. Never yield your traditions to those Jacobins. It will only encourage more. If they come in to disrupt, crack a few skulls and they’ ll capitulate.

Greg Miller
Greg Miller

“Form a brute squad!” When outsider pinheads start to agitate… run ’em out of town on a rail! Violence is NOT stopped by acquiescence; it is quelled by force. Giving in only emboldens the cowards who are afraid of our God-given rights of speech, assembly, worship, freedom/liberty, self-defense, etc.





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