WATCH: Men Harass Woman to Remove American Flag in Yard — Her Neighbor Puts Them in Their Place

Note: This article contains coarse language that may offend or disturb some readers.

From over a block away, a woman could hear her neighbor being harassed for flying an American flag, according to a video that circulated online. 


In the footage, the woman filming can be heard explaining that two men, including one wearing a “f**k Trump” t-shirt, were shouting at their neighbor for having the audacity to fly an American flag from her front porch:

Man: Look at what she is doing right now.

Neighbor: Oh, my God. She is literaly…

Man: That is illegal in the United States.

Neighbor: Are you kidding me? She is actually flying a flag.

The dispute over the flag had apparently been going on for four days before the neighbor intervened:

Man: Four days ago, I came out, and [the flag] was out at 2 o’clock in the morning.

Neighbor: And?

Man: I asked her to put it away.

Neighbor: And how is that your business?

The men finally stormed away from the property, threatening to call the police. 

“Please!” the neighbor joked, “Please see what the police officers have to say about her having an American flag outside her freaking house.”

A trend of incivility

This incident is just one of many incidents of people harassing others for wearing patriotic or “Make America Great Again” apparel. Recently, supporters of President Donald Trump have been harassed at Whataburger and The Cheesecake Factory.

These attacks, however, are not limited to disputes against neighbors. The harassment has followed people to the top levels of government, including eight Republican officials.

Respecting the flag

Although there are many incidents of disrespect toward the American flag, there are also many examples of patriotism, ranging from a police officer all the way to White House chief of staff John Kelly.


As long as there are brave neighbors, thoughtful cops, and proud veterans, there will always be someone who will be ready to defend the flag.

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