DHS Sec Neilsen Shreds Left’s Talking Points on Migrant Caravan — Here Are All the Times They Were Wrong

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One Trump administration official has had enough and is calling out those who said the migrant caravan wouldn’t be an issue.

Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen released a statement on Monday slamming all of the criticism that was thrown at anyone who pointed out the potential issues with the caravan.

She listed multiple points of criticism that have quickly been proven false. The first was that the caravan was not violent and was not an invasion on U.S. land.

“I refuse to believe that anyone honestly maintains that attacking law enforcement with rocks and projectiles is acceptable,” said Nielsen. “It is shocking that I have to explain this, but officers can be seriously or fatally injured in such attacks. Self-defense isn’t debatable for most law-abiding Americans,” Nielsen wrote.


There were also claims that the Trump administration exaggerated the size of the caravan, but new estimates suggest otherwise.

“Second, the caravan is far larger and more organized than previous ones,” Nielsen pointed out. “There are 8,500 caravan members in Tijuana and Mexicali. There are reports of additional caravans on their way.”

One of the main talking points is that the people in the caravan are women and children looking for asylum, but it seems that might be only a small percentage of the group.

“Third, the overwhelming majority of these individuals are not eligible for asylum in the United States under our laws,” Nielsen said. “Historically, less than 10% of those who claim asylum from #Guatemala#Honduras, and #ElSalvador are found eligible by a federal judge. 90% are not eligible.”


President Donald Trump has been heavily criticized over his claims that there are criminals in the caravan.

Nielsen also pointed out that while it is a small number compared to the overall size of the caravan, there are a number of criminals traveling with the group.

“However, at this point we have confirmed that there are over 600 convicted criminals traveling with the caravan flow,” said Nielsen. “This includes individuals known to law enforcement for assault, battery, drug crimes, burglary, rape, child abuse and more. This is serious. Additionally, Mexico has already arrested 100 caravan members for criminal violations in Mexico.”

Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen provided the following statement regarding the recent crisis on our southern border. “Given…

Posted by Department of Homeland Security on Monday, November 26, 2018

Nielsen warned that the U.S. is prepared for any other situations with the caravan.

“We predicted the violence we saw on Sunday,” said Nielsen. “We prepared to address it with additional personnel and DOD deployments. We will continue to prepare for the next assault while looking for lasting solutions with Congress and our Mexican partners.”

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Robin L. Jackson

if the left took the time to do some research they would know the truth this and other schemes are set up to make the POTUS look bad by the democrats but they not listening or reading the right news reports 95% of the stuff they post about the POTUS is exaggerated ; photo chopped and twisted around grow up and get a grip on reality

Robert Aldrich

Every liberal who still believes this flow of people invading our country is anything but an invasion needs to read this article and watch the news segment by MSNBC’s reporter on the scene. This travesty and attack on our laws and way of life must cease and desist!

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