New Heights: Almost One Third of Entire NFL to Protest During National Anthem — There’s More Than Just That

President Donald Trump got up on stage on Friday night during a rally for Sen. Luther Strange (R-LA) and went right after national anthem protesters and those who chose to “disrespect the flag” during NFL games.

Ever since, teams, players, celebrities, and even the league itself has come out publicly against the president. Because of this, many protests were expected to take place during the national anthem on Sunday, but not many expected it to reach the level it’s at now.

Shaun King is now reporting that he has confirmed that 500 players will be protesting during the national anthem before their NFL games on Sunday.

This means that more than 29 percent of the entire league will be protesting, according to King. Each NFL team is allowed to have 53 players on its roster and there are 32 teams in the league, making a total of 1,696 players.

King is even saying that some teams are considering having everyone on their teams protest the anthem, but the only thing holding them up is that “white players don’t feel comfortable.”

It has reached a point that is so extreme that players might just be in the minority if they choose to stand for the national anthem Sunday. What was once players coming out against the status quo has turned into the complete opposite. There appears to be peer pressure for players to protest during the national anthem now.

But it’s not just players. During the first game on Sunday, both coaches, trainers, and even an owner participated in the protests:

And it could get even more extreme. Keith Olbermann tweeted to his 1.1 million followers on Saturday night for fans to join in as well:

Whether you agree with the national protests, Sunday is going to be historic in one way or another.

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