Former New Orleans Mayor Rips Trump on Shutdown: ‘The President Is Way Stuck on Stupid Right Now’

Mitch Lanrieu

Former New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu told MSNBC on Wednesday night that President Donald Trump is “stuck on stupid” by not reopening the government this far into the shutdown.

Landrieu said he got the phrase from Lt. Gen. Russel L. Honoré, who commanded Joint Task Force Katrina while he was mayor.

“The president is way stuck on stupid right now,” Landrieu said. “There is no mayor in America in his right mind or her right mind that would ever think about shutting down the government.”

Landrieu said that if a mayor shut down the government, the city “would put you in the ground figuratively within 24 hours.” The former mayor called Trump out on the hypocrisy of his shutdown message.

“Right now, the president has said to us that the reason he is so insistent on the border wall is because he wants to secure the nation,” he explained. “Of course, previously, you just showed that the FBI, the ATF, the Coast Guard, the National Finance Center in New Orleans, Belle Chasse Air Force, all of these folks whose job it is to secure us are really now having a very difficult time doing their job, so it’s having perverse consequences.”

Watch the video below:

Landrieu doubled down on his statement on Twitter after the interview.

“Yes, I said it. He’s stuck on stupid,” he wrote. “Long past time to end the government shutdown.”

The former mayor blamed Trump for the shutdown, saying that as president, the buck stops with him. Trump, however, has shifted blame to the Democrats, specifically House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), despite the original promise that he would take ownership of the shutdown.

The Senate will vote Thursday afternoon on two competing bills that could temporarily end the shutdown.