New Poll Reveals Americans Like Medicare-for-All — Until They Learn More of the Details

Mario Tama/Getty Images

According to a new poll, the “Medicare for all” plan proposed by some Democratic lawmakers is viewed positively by Americans.

That is until they discover the details of the plan. The Kaiser Family Foundation recently released a study on Americans’ views on changes in healthcare.

When Americans were asked if they favored national healthcare, 56 percent said yes. However, their opinions changed when certain issues with government-funded coverage were pointed out.

Eliminating private health insurance companies and raising taxes only got 37 percent approval. When people were asked if they approved of threats to the current Medicare system, it dropped to 32 percent and delays in medical treatments only had a 26 percent approval rating.

Many also forget that health care systems vary from state to state due to their budgets, as IJR previously reported.

“Two patients with the same condition may get very different care depending on where they live, the health insurance they have and what their insurance covers,” said Senator Bernie Sanders.

While this is used as a push for nationalized healthcare, it should serve as a warning that no two states are the same and if a “Medicare for all” proposal does not accommodate for issues, it could be a disaster.

This new poll has shown that while Americans enjoy the idea, it may be a different story in reality.

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