New Poll Finds Voters Wanted Investigation Into Trump to Stop With Mueller, Are ‘Weary’ of Dem Probes

A majority of American voters are tired of the investigations into President Donald Trump, according to a new survey from Harvard CAPS/Harris Poll.

Trump and his campaign were part of the focus of a two-year-long investigation completed by special counsel Robert Mueller. In his 448-page report, Mueller claimed that his investigative team found no evidence of a criminal conspiracy between the Trump campaign and Russia. Mueller declined to state whether he believes Trump obstructed justice, but he also declined to exonerate him from the accusation.

Knowing this, the American public believes the investigation by Mueller was thorough and that no further investigations by Democrats should be necessary.

Kevin Lamarque/Reuters

The Harvard Survey found that 68 percent of respondents believe that Democrats should accept the findings of Mueller’s report and move on from the Russia collusion narrative. Additionally, 65 percent agree with Attorney General William Barr‘s testimony that Trump did not obstruct justice.

According to the Harvard survey, a plurality of respondents — 43 percent — believe there should be no further actions against Trump. On the note of impeachment, 37 percent support removing Trump from office, including 60 percent of Democrats who responded to the survey.

While a majority of Democrats want to see Trump go, only 36 percent of independents are on board, signaling a problem for congressional Democrats pushing impeachment. In fact, 63 percent of respondents said the investigations are hurting the country, and 58 percent want to see the investigations stop completely so Congress can focus on other legislative responsibilities.

“The public is growing unusually weary of investigations into President Trump and any effort to mount significant new investigations carries a significant risk of blowback for the Democrats,” Mark Penn, the co-director of the survey, told The Hill.

It is unclear if Democrats will choose to play to their base and push impeachment or if they will play to the desires of independent voters.

For now, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) has been playing the middle ground by refusing to move forward on impeachment while encouraging continued investigations by House committees.


  1. I think the comment below is a core example of what is wrong with the current political environment: “idiots” – the article stated it clearly NO COLLUSION – use your brain, if he didn’t collude then he didn’t obstruct FOOLS!!!!!!!! This has honestly ensured Trump’s victory – I’m not the only opinion that has had a massive U-turn on Trump after all this Russia-hoax

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