New Poll Shows Voters Trust Major Media Outlets More Than Trump

A recent poll showed that a majority of voters said they trusted President Donald Trump less than The New York Times, The Washington Post, CNN, ABC, CBS, and NBC.

The numbers, released by Public Policy Polling (PPP), offered a glimpse into the public’s perception of Trump’s ongoing fight with the media. Each of the named outlets got at least eight percent more voters who trusted them over the current president.

Even Trump’s oft-targeted nemesis, CNN, had 49 percent of voters saying they trusted the network more than Trump. Only 41 percent said the reverse.

PPP described Trump’s battle with the media as a “losing” one:

Trump is losing all of his fights with the media. Voters say they trust ABC more than him 52/39, that they trust NBC more 52/41, that they trust CBS more 51/40, that they trust the New York Times and Washington Post more each 49/40, and that they trust CNN more 49/41.

The poll was bad news for Trump on several fronts. Majorities of voters reported, for example, they trusted former FBI Director James Comey more than Trump. The two recently issued conflicting public statements about whether or not Trump asked Comey for his loyalty while conducting the Russia investigation.

A plurality of Americans, meanwhile, support Trump’s impeachment. Forty-three percent oppose impeaching the president.

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