New Yorkers Boo De Blasio at Veterans Day Parade

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio wasn’t greeted by the most welcoming chants, as he was booed during New York City’s 100th annual Veterans Day parade.

During Monday’s parade, as the Big Apple mayor walked down the street waving the American flag and he was met with many boos.

“Go back inside,” someone is heard in a video telling de Blasio. Others are heard shouting, “You’re a phony stiff,” and “get out of the street.”

“He is a moron and doesn’t represent the heart of New York,” Huntington resident Cathy Lesser told the New York Post, adding, “He is a poor excuse of a leader and a man. He should step down and allow someone with integrity and honor to lead the city.”

Check out the videos below:

De Blasio was part of the crowded 2020 Democratic primary field until he dropped out of the race on September 20. Following the news, President Donald Trump called him the “part time mayor of New York City.”

“NYC is devastated, he’s coming home!” Trump tweeted at the time.

Trump was in the Big Apple on Monday, becoming the first sitting president to attend the New York City parade. There, he saluted veterans in his remarks and laying a wreath, as IJR previously reported.

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