The NFL Boycott Is Stronger Than Ever — Just Look How Empty the Seats Were on Thursday Night

Following a record number of national anthem protests, fans have responded by boycotting the NFL and even burning their jerseys. As a result, the league’s TV ratings have plummeted, and ticket sales have dropped dramatically. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell stated that players should stand for the anthem, but he never took any action against players who didn’t.

On Thursday, the Oakland Raiders squared off against the Kansas City Chiefs, and Coliseum had thousands of empty seats.

@EmptySeatsPics/Twitter @EmptySeatsPics/Twitter

Here are some pictures from last Sunday that show just how strong the boycott has been:

@brad_gohornsbkw/Twitter @brad_gohornsbkw/Twitter @brad_gohornsbkw/Twitter @brad_gohornsbkw/Twitter @chris11962/Twitter

Totally embarrassing.

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