NFL Player Tries to Go After Fan in the Stands — ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith Defends ‘The Brother’

Things got ugly during a game between the Seattle Seahawks and Jacksonville Jaguars on Sunday when fans threw drinks at a Seahawks player. They almost got a whole lot uglier.

Seahawks defensive lineman Quinton Jefferson had one of the drinks thrown in his direction as he walked to the locker room after being ejected from the game, sending him into a rage.

Jefferson then tried climbing into the stands to confront the fan.

According to ESPN, Jefferson was physically stopped by a Seahawks equipment manager.

After the game, which the Seahawks lost 30-24, Jefferson was defiant in the locker room, as quoted by ESPN:

“Folks in the stands was throwing beer and throwing soda, whatever. I mean, I don’t know what I’m supposed to do. I’m a human just like anybody else.

I’m a man just like the other man in the stands. I’m not going to let somebody disrespect me, throw a beer on me.”

Stephen A. Smith: “I’m gonna come to this brother’s defense”

Although he wasn’t at the game, Stephen A. Smith, a commentator on ESPN’s “First Take,” posted a video on his Facebook page about the incident, including Jefferson’s response:

The visibly angry Smith said, in part:

“That kind of stuff right there? We [sic] always looking at the athlete. And it’s very rare that we come to the defense of the athlete in situations like that.

Well dammit, I’m gonna do it tomorrow — yeah, you know what’s coming. It’s gonna be predictable, but I’m gonna be a hell of a lot more eloquent.”

Video of the incident is below.

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