Nikki Haley Lists Reasons Why Supporting Abortion Is Not ‘Real Feminism’ in Powerful Pro-Life Speech

Nikki Haley listed powerful reasons to be pro-life during a speech at the Susan B. Anthony List’s 12th annual Campaign for Life Gala on Monday.

The former United Nations ambassador went after the argument that pro-choice is pro-woman, saying that these tactics are used by some to divide instead of help.

“Unfortunately, many on the left use the abortion debate to divide women and demand conformity,” said Haley. “They do this in the name of feminism. But that is not real feminism.”

She also praised the idea of diversity, saying that the feminist movement should listen to other opinions different than their own.

“The idea that women must adhere to a particular set of values is one of the most anti-women ideas in today’s culture. It is a rejection of the ideas of equality and tolerance that the women’s movement is supposed to be about,” Haley said.


Former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley delivers remarks at the Campaign for Life Gala hosted by Susan B Anthony List.

Posted by Fox News on Monday, June 3, 2019

During her speech, she gave many reasons why she is pro-life. She discussed her time spent traveling and hearing stories of mothers in war-torn countries, her own struggle with infertility, and her husband’s experience in foster care.

“I often think about what would’ve happened if Michael hadn’t been so lucky. If his biological mother had chosen a different path; if his adoptive parents hadn’t been so compassionate,” said Haley.

Haley then went on to explain that the way to change opinions is not by insulting the other side but to listen and then explain the pro-life position from a different angle.

“Not to lob attacks at people who disagreed with me, not to diminish the other side, but to reframe the debate,” said Haley. “To explain that being pro-life is not about being for or against women. It is about being for a baby’s right to live — the most basic right there is.”


  1. NIKKI HALEY puts all those dumdem tramps to shame…Kamaltoes, BelaPelosi, Clitory, Occasional-Cortex, etc…. Unlike those commie losers, Nikki has a positive attitude and is very eloquent and compassionate speaker.

  2. “Unfortunately, many on the left use the abortion debate to divide women and demand conformity,” said Haley

    Says the woman who wants other women to conform to HER ideals. She is only trying to confuse the topic.

    Conservatives don’t care about the lives of poor and non-priveldged people. They want to increase the death rate of non-white and poor mothers. They want them to die from unsafe abortions. But if they want their lily white Christian daughters to get an abortion, they are right there taking care of their own child. Statistics prove this.

    1. you’re the idiot of the day….but go ahead and abort your babies. who needs them.

  3. Thank you! What a wonderful way to express that pro- life is about the baby’s right to live. It is the most basic right. Think first about what if your Mother decided to end your life before you were born? What great accomplishments would our world have missed out on?

  4. I adore this woman and hope to hear more from her in future politics.

    1. I hope Haley will run for higher office. Yes…even THAT one.

    2. I hope she will seek higher office. Yes…even THAT one.

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