North Carolina Governor Vetoes Photo ID Bill

FILE PHOTO: North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper speaks at the Center for American Progress Ideas Conference at the Four Seasons Hotel in Washington, D.C., U.S. May 16, 2017. REUTERS/Aaron P. Bernstein

North Carolina Democratic Governor Roy Cooper on Friday vetoed a Republican-authored bill requiring voters to present photo identification, saying it would disenfranchise poor, minority and elderly voters.

Republicans have a large enough majority in the state legislature to override Cooper’s veto until January, when several Democrats who won seats in November will take office.

(Reporting by Joseph Ax; editing by Chris Reese)

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Walgreens cards everybody to buy a pack of ciggies; the ID must have a photo. A few years ago I went into a Soc Sec office to get a replacement card. I thought I might need an accurate one as the periodic SS stmnt I rec”d reversed my first and middle name. I was loaded up with a BC, passaporte, a couple of recent years’ tax returns and ready to prove who I was and always have been. The guy didn’t want any of that stuff. He, based on my oral representations, typed up a card right then and there.


B.S. Anyone….ANYONE…can obtain a photo ID at the DMV upon proof you are who you say you are. One doesn’t need a driver’s license. That’s what you get for voting Democrat.

Judi Moore

We need ID to drive a car, get a Social Security card, sometimes, even your pension, why on earth did he veto what the people of NC voted for??? Is he some kind of idiot??


When I first began voting (many years ago) I had to show both my voter registration card and my ID / drivers license. There was no photo on the ID or drivers license back then but it verified that I lived at the address for which I was registered to vote. Now I only have to show my photo ID, not having to show my voter registration card is probably because in this day of computers the precinct works have ready access to my voter registration.


I dont know one single adult whos doesn’t have an Id. He’s basically saying that they are too dumb to get one. Ignants


Translation “We must protect our Illegals and dead people votes,” dem priority. We need and should have voter id in America period


Democrats care only about keeping themselves in power even if they have to do it illegally. You need an ID for the everything these days but not to vote??????? Come on Democrats…you are so obvious that only a person with zero integrity could possibly still support the DNC party.

Sharon Belhamel

This is just an excuse to allow the Democrats to continue with their fraudulent voting schemes. I live in Georgia, and we have voter ID laws, and there doesn’t appear to be a problem with voters showing ID’s. Even Martin Luther King, Jr.’s family is in favor of voter ID laws, as long as all voters have access to either a low cost or free ID option. Mexico has voter ID requirements. The Democrats want illegal aliens and dead people to be able to vote. I do not.

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