Northam Digs Himself a Deeper Hole in Post-Blackface Interview, Calls Slaves ‘Indentured Servants From Africa’

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Governor Ralph Northam (D-Va.) messed up yet another interview while trying to explain why he won’t resign despite the racist photos posted to his college yearbook page and his admission of wearing blackface as part of a Michael Jackson costume.

Several prominent Democrats have called for Northam to resign after his yearbook page featured a picture of two men, one in a Ku Klux Klan robe and the other in blackface. In his first press conference after the photos surfaced, Northam nervously made jokes about how hard it is to wash off shoe polish and nearly attempted the moonwalk.

Unbelievably, his interview on Sunday with Gayle King on CBS’ “This Morning” didn’t go much better.

While trying to explain the injustices of racism and slavery in the United States, Northam referred to slavery as “indentured servitude.”

Watch the remark below:

Northam: We are now at the 400-year anniversary — just 90 miles from here in 1619 the first indentured servants from Africa landed on our shores in Old Point Comfort, what we call now Fort Monroe, and while…

King: Also known as slavery.

In addition to his botched slavery comments, Northam also addressed the other scandals facing his fellow top Virginia Democrats.

Northam defended Attorney General Mark Herring (D-Va.) who also admitted to wearing blackface, claiming that he regrets putting Herring in the position where he felt he must admit to his past wrongdoings.

Watch Northam’s comments on Attorney General Herring:

“I regret that our attorney general is in this position,” said Northam.

Aside from Herring, Lieutenant Governor Justin Fairfax (D-Va.) is also facing a scandal of his own. Several women have come forward with allegations of sexual assault, prompting many Democrats to call for his resignation.

Northam claimed Fairfax may not have “any other option but to resign” if the investigation into the allegations finds evidence of the assaults.

Watch Northam’s comments on Lt. Gov. Fairfax:

Despite the statewide chaos in Virginia, Northam is refusing to resign. He told King that, as a former doctor, he is the best person to “heal” the division in the state.

“Virginia needs someone that can heal. There’s no better person to do that than a doctor,” said Northam. “Virginia also needs someone who is strong, who has empathy, who has courage and who has a moral compass. And that’s why I’m not going anywhere.”

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