‘Not My President Day’ Protests Are an Unpatriotic Disgrace — No Matter Who Is the Duly Elected President

Since Donald Trump was elected president, leftist groups have organized several marches and rallies to denounce him.

There was the J20 protest, where protesters threw bottles, water, and eggs at inauguration party-goers and blocked traffic in hopes that Trump would surrender his new job.

The day after Trump’s inauguration, the Women’s March took place, where women donned so-called “p***y hats” to show their disapproval of Donald Trump.


Then, there was the “Day Without Immigrants” to demonstrate disapproval of Donald Trump’s immigration policies:

And on Presidents Day, some of the same anti-Trump protesters gathered again, and this time they congregated in large cities across the county for a “Not My Presidents Day” rally.

The Hill reports that thousands of people decided to take their Presidents Day holiday and use it to protest the new president:

Rallies are scheduled to take place in New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, Washington, D.C. and Baltimore, among other cities. More than 47,000 people on Facebook have said they would attend a rally in New York City, and tens of thousands of others have said they will attend other rallies nationwide.

In Portland, Oregon, protesters wearing black bloc attire blocked streets because they don’t like Donald Trump. Police arrested them:

In Washington, D.C., protesters brought out this old chestnut to Trump bash:

Former Hillary Clinton campaign communications aide Jack Miller helped “organize the resistance” on the streets.

In Los Angeles, protesters chanted “not my president”:

Others wanted to celebrate the new president, such as “Texas Lone Star”:


Brian Fraser paid video homage to Trump:

YouTuber Mark Dice gave the president a hat tip:


“Boycott Hollywood” brought out the fancy glasses to toast the current president:


“Ex-Dem Latina” was still celebrating election night:

Social media is full of laments about how people miss President Obama or wish Hillary Clinton were installed as president.

Obama’s foundation even reminded people that he used to be ‘that’ guy:

But to use Presidents Day to protest the current president is new. Some would suggest that it’s downright disgraceful to use the day to protest.

A group called Project 1461 has called for a protest or call to action to occur every single day of Trump’s four years in office.

Donald Trump is president, and some on the left still can’t believe it; however, the voters who put him there sure can.

What do you think?

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