“NRA All the Way”: Dad From ‘Teen Mom 2’ Under Fire for Posting a Photo of His Daughter with a Gun

Jeremy Calvert of “Teen Mom 2” has two very obvious “loves” that appear in his Instagram feed — hunting and his three-year-old daughter Adalynn. Recently, the photo he shared combining both those things has landed him in hot water.


As In Touch reports, Calvert, the ex-husband of “Teen Mom 2” star Leah Messer, recently posted a photo on Instagram featuring the couple’s preschool daughter holding a rifle.


In the caption, Calvert made it clear that the gun was unloaded and affectionately boasted of his daughter’s future hunting skills:

“She said daddy, lets go hunting and shoot a coyote… lol better watch out boys she wont miss lol haha p.s. yes people its a gun and its also unloaded get over it…. #daddieshunter #mybaby”

While Calvert saw no harm in allowing Adalynn to pose with the gun, some fans responded with serious objections. One commenter wrote:

“She should not be holding that gun. Too young to understand the danger and now she’ll probably think it’s ok to play with them.”

Another posted:

“Very scary and sad to actually have your child pose and smile with a firearm. We are suppose to teach our children to stay away and never touch a gun! Until they are old enough to handle the gun. She obviously is not! Very scary.”

However, Calvert also had defenders as some shared their own experiences teaching young children to shoot or hunt. Others praised Calvert for his intention to instruct his daughter in gun safety at a young age. As one commenter wrote:

“[S]hooting guns was part of my childhood! … You can expose young children to guns in the proper manner, and it teaches them responsibility and respect for what that weapon can do and what it should be used for. Just because it’s not in your realm of comfort or norm doesn’t mean it can’t be.”

Calvert himself responded to the criticism in a blistering follow-up post that took strong issue with the suggestion that he endangered his daughter.


Hours after sharing the original photo to Instagram, Calvert posted a statement that read:

“Okay to all you idiots, I was taught the correct way to handle a firearm at a very young age. And guess what, so will my child. Therefore, with that being said, all guns in my home are locked up behind a closed door, duh. I check every firearm before I put them up after shooting to make sure they are unloaded. Also, it’s hard to CLEAN a gun after shooting it if bullets are still in it. So for all you people out there who seem to think your opinion matters and you hate guns, I honestly don’t give a sh*t. My child is PROTECTED while in my care, clearly :). And to all you that are against guns and don’t have them, nor want them, I hope no one ever tries to enter your home and bring harm to your family. I think that’s more dangerous nowadays than owning a firearm and knowing the proper way to use it in case of an emergency. Unless you’re going to wait around and hope the law is super-fast getting to you. Good luck … NRA all the way.”

Messer, Adalynn’s mother, has yet to make any public response regarding the controversy.

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