NRA Calls out Gillibrand’s 180 on Guns Again, This Time Posting an Old ‘Love Letter’ From the Senator

Kirsten Gillibrand
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The National Rifle Association (NRA) let Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.) have it again, tweeting out an old “love letter” they received from the senator while she served in the House of Representatives.

On Monday, Gillibrand — who is one of the 24 candidates in the Democratic presidential primary field — posted a video of her speaking at the Everytown for Gun Safety and Moms Demand Action Gun Sense Forum calling on people to start “speaking out” on gun legislation.

[Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell] could call us back into Congress today,” said Gillibrand. “We could pass universal background checks today. We can ban assault weapons. We can ban large magazines. We can have a federal anti-trafficking law today.”

The NRA saw this and fired back at Gillibrand, replying to the senator’s tweet with a scan of a letter they received from her in 2008 while she was a member of the House of Representatives for New York.

“Wait…” wrote the NRA. “Did you also show them the love letter you wrote us?”

In the letter, Gillibrand wrote that she was “adamantly opposed” to the “outright banning” of certain guns for “cosmetic features, bullets of a random size, or banning magazines holding an arbitrary number of cartridges” as well as “the attempt to limit the purchase of firearms to arbitrary time periods.”

“I also share your concerns about these and other attempts that could contribute to the slippery slope of government confiscation of people’s firearms based on the arbitrary whims of politics and public opinion,” the New York Democrat continued on to write.

Gillibrand ended the letter by saying that she “appreciat[ed] the work” performed by the NRA “to protect gun owners rights” and that she “look[ed] forward to” continuing to work with the advocacy group “for many years in Congress.”

As IJR Red previously reported, the New York senator was previously called out by the NRA on Twitter after she had called the organization the “worst” one in America.

“Gillibrand called us the worst org in the country, but when she represented NY20, she wrote us: ‘I appreciate the work that the NRA does to protect gun owners rights, and I look forward to working with you for many years,’” the NRA tweeted. “Now that she’s looking to crack 1%, she’ll say anything.”

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Lying, cheating, corrupt Democrats. How is it that a pro-gun org. is the devil, but the anti-gun org. is an angel? Sounds like Democrat double speak to me. The NRA protects our Constitutional rights, while Moms Demand Action, Handgun Control, Gun Sense Forum, etc. are trying to take your rights and violate the Constitution. If you don’t like the Constitution, leave. It’s the basis of our country. You don’t get to pick and choose what rights you like based on your whim.

william jackson

flip flop
like a fish out of water wallowing around on the bank
typical pathetic hypocritical D-RAT—-disgusting cretins those dastardly D-RATs


Dems. Like this will talk us right into a civil war. Does she really think any laws that allow the gov. to confiscate firearms are going to be obeyed. There will be blood in the streets.

Dave Hardesty

Gillibrand’s MO

Flip floppin’ around
Flip floppin’ around
I know the nearer the election
The more I’ll be flip floppin’ around.


I, like most people, change my stance once in a while, but while I ‘cling’ to God, guns and country, I will never be convinced to alter basic principles I was either taught or born with for that matter.
The Dumbocrats create enemies everyday who were once loyal to their party.
Did y’all know Donald Trump had Princess Diana killed at the behest of the ‘Royal’ family? Haaaaaaaa!
How many imbeciles will believe that I believe that?


Another democrat another “I’m coming for your guns” politician. Another person not to vote for.


Peoples opinions change (not necessarily positively), it’s called personal evolution.
Unfortunately for Ms Gillibrand, as a politician, her evolution is public.





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