Dick’s Decides to Destroy Guns It Will No Longer Sell — Now the NRA Is Hitting Back

The National Rifle Association is rebuking Dick’s Sporting Goods after the brand announced that — rather than returning the guns to the manufacturers — it will be “destroying” the firearms recently removed from its shelves.

In February, Dick’s announced, for the second time, it will no longer be selling “assault-style” guns in its stores. The company made a similar decision in 2012 following the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. But soon thereafter, the company opened a subsidiary, Field & Stream, which did sell the guns in question.

This week, a spokesperson for Dick’s told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette how it will be eliminating its stockpile of unsellable weapons:

“We are in the process of destroying all firearms and accessories that are no longer for sale as a result of our February 28th policy change. We are destroying the firearms in accordance with federal guidelines and regulations.”

According to the report, the firearms from the 35 Field & Stream locations will be destroyed at the company’s distribution centers. The individual parts will then be shipped to a salvage company, where they will be recycled.

Naturally, the NRA isn’t too pleased with the decision, calling it “a waste”:

Dick’s also announced earlier this year it will no longer sell high-capacity magazines and won’t allow customers under the age of 21 to purchase guns.

The policy changes came in the wake of the deadly massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, where 19-year-old gunman Nikolas Cruz killed 17 people and injured more than a dozen others.

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