New NRA President: Democrat Congresswoman Only Won Because She Is ‘a Minority Female’

Joshua Roberts/Reuters

The National Rifle Association endured a shake-up last month when Oliver North stepped down from his role as president of the organization. North had allegedly been trying to overthrow CEO Wayne LaPierre, but that ended up costing him his role.

Then in late April, the group elected Carolyn Meadows as its new president. Meadows lives in Georgia, in a district represented by Rep. Lucy McBath (D-Ga.), and she announced that the eventual candidate who runs against McBath “will get an endorsement from the NRA.”

McBath is an outspoken gun control advocate; her son, Jordan Davis, was shot and killed in 2012. Davis’ killer was later convicted on charges of second-degree murder.

Karen Handel, whom McBath defeated in the Democrats’ 2018 takeover of the House, has announced that she intends to run for the seat.

But Meadows apparently thinks McBath won not because of her policies, but because of her gender and her race.

“But it is wrong to say like McBath said, that the reason she won was because of her anti-gun stance,” Meadows said, according to the Marietta Daily Journal. “That didn’t have anything to do with it — it had to do with being a minority female. And the Democrats really turned out, and that’s the problem we have with conservatives — we don’t turn out as well.”

McBath has been successful on at least some gun control legislation since she arrived on Capitol Hill. In February, the House passed a gun control bill (requiring federal background checks for all gun purchases). That bill is still awaiting a vote in the Senate but is unlikely to pass in the Republican-controlled upper chamber.

Meanwhile, the NRA is reportedly finding itself in a tough spot. Its financial situation is rumored to be tight, and the New York attorney general is now investigating its finances.

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Carolyn Meadows may be partly correct. However, the female part of her assertion would be incorrect. Both McBath and the previous representative, Karen Handel, who she won against are female. The reason that McBath won is more likely that Atlanta is very demoncrap, including the affluent suburbs, and Handle is a Republican. The minority part is also suspect as the district is over 60% white, McBath is black.


Isn’t this the Congresswoman who represents a District in Georgia; but actually lives across the border in Tennessee? Sounds like another Maxine Waters – District is not fit to live in that she represents.





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