New NRA President: Democrat Congresswoman Only Won Because She Is ‘a Minority Female’

The National Rifle Association endured a shake-up last month when Oliver North stepped down from his role as president of the organization. North had allegedly been trying to overthrow CEO Wayne LaPierre, but that ended up costing him his role.

Then in late April, the group elected Carolyn Meadows as its new president. Meadows lives in Georgia, in a district represented by Rep. Lucy McBath (D-Ga.), and she announced that the eventual candidate who runs against McBath “will get an endorsement from the NRA.”

McBath is an outspoken gun control advocate; her son, Jordan Davis, was shot and killed in 2012. Davis’ killer was later convicted on charges of second-degree murder.

Karen Handel, whom McBath defeated in the Democrats’ 2018 takeover of the House, has announced that she intends to run for the seat.

But Meadows apparently thinks McBath won not because of her policies, but because of her gender and her race.

“But it is wrong to say like McBath said, that the reason she won was because of her anti-gun stance,” Meadows said, according to the Marietta Daily Journal. “That didn’t have anything to do with it — it had to do with being a minority female. And the Democrats really turned out, and that’s the problem we have with conservatives — we don’t turn out as well.”

McBath has been successful on at least some gun control legislation since she arrived on Capitol Hill. In February, the House passed a gun control bill (requiring federal background checks for all gun purchases). That bill is still awaiting a vote in the Senate but is unlikely to pass in the Republican-controlled upper chamber.

Meanwhile, the NRA is reportedly finding itself in a tough spot. Its financial situation is rumored to be tight, and the New York attorney general is now investigating its finances.


  1. Carolyn Meadows may be partly correct. However, the female part of her assertion would be incorrect. Both McBath and the previous representative, Karen Handel, who she won against are female. The reason that McBath won is more likely that Atlanta is very demoncrap, including the affluent suburbs, and Handle is a Republican. The minority part is also suspect as the district is over 60% white, McBath is black.

  2. Isn’t this the Congresswoman who represents a District in Georgia; but actually lives across the border in Tennessee? Sounds like another Maxine Waters – District is not fit to live in that she represents.

    1. James is confused by law.

      If you want to ensure that candidates live within the district or state that they want to represent, then get the law changed. For example, in the upcoming special election for North Carolina’s 9th Congressional District, 5 out of the 10 Republican candidates don’t live in that district. Make sure you put your left shoe on your left foot, James.

      1. Genital, there are no statutory requirements that James be confused.

        Unless he’s trying to read one of your posts.

        1. Sargent, arrest Screwtape for insubordination, again, under Section 85/108.13 of the National Defence Act, and throw him in the brig!

    2. James, unless a particular state or locale requires an office holder to live within a certain area then it’s not a disqualifier.

      OR’s Sen. Ron Wyden lives in NYC with his wife.

      However, it should make thinking voters mighty suspicious. Unfortunately those are limited in supply. Carpetbagging anyone?

      1. If I lived in Oregon and this was brought to my attention, the first thing I would do would be to fact check it. Were you thinking that the Wyden family (the Senator, wife and 3 young children) live in his wife’s NYC bookstore? His wife sold her Manhattan townhouse in 2016 for $7.5 million.

        1. The flaw in your logic is believing that people live in their businesses, q.v these things called apartments, townhouses, etc. Not that living in your business is a bad thing.

          The Oregonian, hardly a right-wing rag, notes he was spending an average of only 104 days a year in either DC or Oregon.

          That leaves 261 days unaccounted for, i.e. the majority of the year not doing his job OR and including being in Oregon.

          1. . Might he have spent that time in NYC BEFORE or after the sale? He does have a wife and kids living there. Unless he abandoned them as well.

            You failed to note that he sold his Portland residence in 2011. Where exactly was he living? Not in Oregon.

          2. I asked for the year as the only Oregonian article I could locate is 1 in 2016 that reports WHAT R bloggers & R radio hosts made claims similar to what you earlier describe. BUT they were refuted in the SAME article! Screw, I am not attempting to convince you to let go of a conspiracy theory you are so obviously deeply invested. But your conspiracy did not work in 2010 or 2016 when your fellow O’s voted for Wyden by the same margin of 57% Perhaps you should try a new conspiracy.

          3. IN WHAT YEAR was your newspaper providing the days? His wife sold the townhouse 3 years ago.

          4. GOOGLE IT, philly. Just like you tell everyone else to do. If Google is where you found your LACK of information, maybe Google ISN’T what you have told everyone here it is.

          5. As indicated above, I DID google it and the ONLY article in Oregonian archives that comes close to Screw’s description is a 2016 article reporting on Repub bloggers & radio hosts CONSPIRACY, which were REFUTED in the SAME article. EVERY MSM outlet reported on Pizzagate & Seth Rich conspiracies as Right-wing/FOX News conspiracies, but they were REFUTED in the same articles. If one makes a choice to believe wacky conspiracies, that is a choice. MY right remains to point it out.

        2. “If I lived in Oregon”. You DON’T live in Oregon so you really don’t know what you would do because, if you did live in Oregon, your opinions would be based on THAT living experience, not the experience you have gathered by NOT living Oregon. Opinions are based on life experiences and those who put themselves in an experience they’ve NEVER had and then tell us what they WOULD do really aren’t credible at all.

          1. Ban, I NEVER worked in Comet Pizza, am NOT the parent or family member of Seth Rich or Vince Foster, NOR do I have friends or family members killed in Planned Parenthood bombings and shootings. I don’t HAVE to be personally affected to recognize the senseless pain and suffering by right wing conspiracies. If you are okay with the fallout, that is on you.

          2. Funny how you talk about planned parenthood bombings and shootings, but you don’t mention ANY of the MURDERS that take place behind pp’s doors. I suppose you think THOSE are just a right wing conspiracy, also.

          3. Oh most assuredly NOT a conspiracy. I think they are LEGAL, safe procedures. Were you thinking they were illegal because you nor I agree with the decision? That is NOT how our legal system works. The right wing conspiracy is that abortions will disappear if you make them illegal. That would be pretending that they have not taken place in America before Roe & won’t if it is reversed. How did that work out with prohibition? How has it work with actual murder, bombing & shootings?

          4. Ban, you really need to get a grip. An act is not illegal simply because you believe it is. We covered this on your belief that the ACA is unconstitutional when the SCOTUS said TWICE it was constitutional. Pretending does not make it so. Repeating it does not make is so. Join reality.

          5. “We covered this on your belief that the ACA is unconstitutional when the SCOTUS said TWICE it was constitutional.” Just when did “WE” cover this? Do you just make up lies when you have NOTHING? You need to take your own advice about joining reality.

          6. When you decided to post that Obamacare was unconstitutional and I pointed out to you that it was determined TWICE by the SCOTUS to be constitutional. You cited that you did not care what the SCOTUS decisions were—you knew differently.

          7. “When you decided to post that Obamacare was unconstitutional and I pointed out to you that it was determined TWICE by the SCOTUS to be constitutional. You cited that you did not care what the SCOTUS decisions were—you knew differently.” So sorry you are losing it philly. Your delusions are getting worse. you are having conversations with yourself. Now, if you JUST talking about the individual mandate, that has since been removed, that might be a different story.

          8. Your TRUE colors are out, philly. They are pretting effin UGLY. Like I said before, the next several months are gonna be devastating to your spin about Trump. And now that we KNOW you favor the MURDER of fetuses, the PICTURE of you is COMPLETE.

          9. have ALWAYS been CLEAR on my position. NOT certain how you missed it. Do I favor a safe option for those who intend to terminate a pregnancy? YES. After 40 yrs in nursing , do I think terminations of pregnancies will vanish because Roe is overturned? NO. I live in the real world, ban. Not some fantasy land where making an act illegal that has been taking place since 1550 BCE will vanish it. You forgot to tell me how you perceive it worked out with prohibition.

          10. “have ALWAYS been CLEAR on my position”. You are never clear about anything. your replies rarely have anything to do with what’s being discussed, just like prohibition entering into this thread. As ANY long time visitor to this site will tell you, your positions change as you see fit.

          11. Sorry, ban. I can not dumb it down any lower for you. If you are unable to understand my posts, I suggest you skip over them instead of frustrating yourself. Normally, I would ask you for an example of a change in my position. BUT you would simply deflect with an inane comment on how you know my positions better than I do and then tell me I am the one who makes assumptions.

          12. I have held the same position on SAFE & LEGAL abortions since I was a student nurse assigned to prep & recovery of a 15 yr old for a hysterectomy. She had attempted to abort her pregnancy with a coat hanger & damaged her uterus & infection developed. She did not want her mother to know of the pregnancy because she was impregnated by her FATHER. The coat hanger idea was also his idea. I have thought of that patient many times over the last 45 years. My position won’t change.

          13. “Not some fantasy land where making an act illegal that has been taking place since 1550 BCE will vanish it.” Since you are the ONLY person on this site that has said anything like that, you really do need to take your own advice about joining reality.

          14. WHAT is it that you men see as occurring if abortion is illegal? WHAT will change for YOU?

          15. As usual philly, you have missed the boat totally about me. I will, once AGAIN, explain this to you in plain and simple English. I, as an American tax payer, do NOT want my Federal tax dollars being spent on the MURDER of unborn children. The Federal Government has NO BUSINESS in the abortion business. PERIOD.This issue should be handled on the State level, NOT the Federal level.

          16. If your daughter’s life was endangered by continuing a pregnancy, would you say let her die? If your wife was impregnated in a raped would you insist she carry the child to term? THOSE are the EXCEPTIONS federal dollars would pay Medicaid or VA dollars for an abortion under the Hyde Amendment. Someone’s daughter, sister, wife or mother is who you wish to make that decision for. WHAT federal gvt facility is in the abortion business? VA hospitals? Walter Reed?

          17. You, philly, live in what-ifs, I live in reality. Your comment is scrambled on many levels. Who said ANYTHING about abortions in government facilities? Not one example that you cite NEEDS Federal dollars to obtain an abortion.”Someone’s daughter, sister, wife or mother is who you wish to make that decision for”. A very weak-assed guilt trip there, philly. Especially since not one of them needs Federal dollars to get an abortion.

          18. Next you will be telling all of us here that if Federal dollars are pulled from abortions, ALL abortions will be performed in a dark alley with a coat hanger.

          19. Ban, WHERE have you been? Hyde Amendment was passed in 1976! Abortions were performed legally on request in NY, AK, HI & WA before Roe. They were performed legally for specific cases in most states prior to Roe. If Roe is overturned, women in the “government knows best states” will travel to a “small government” state, visit a back alley clinic, or use the throwing themselves down the steps or coat hanger method. Abortions WON”T vanish. but many will pretend they have.

          20. “If Roe is overturned, women in the “government knows best states”. Stupidest comment EVER. Please tell all of us what a “government knows best state” IS? I’m SURE this is something that you have PERSONALLY made up. Or some other idiot that hold hold in high regard.

          21. If you are “SURE,” why are you asking? If I contradict your assumptions, you play the victim card.

          22. What “VICTIM” card HAVE I ever PLAYED? Oh great deflector, answer the question posed to you, for once! I will remind you of it. Just WHAT is a “government knows best state”? I’m giving you the opportunity to take your foot out of your mouth, here. You really should try to take advantage of the opportunity. You have a chance to shine here for everyone who thinks you are nothing but a yokel.

          23. How did you perceive the government was in the abortion business? That wasn’t my issue, it was yours. Guilt trip? Interesting

          24. “How did you perceive the government was in the abortion business?” I find it amazing that someone like you, a self-professed intellectually superior person to everyone here, asks SO many questions that have ALREADY been answered by previous comments. You really need to work on your reading comprehension, philly.

          25. Self professed??? Only you have professed I believe I am intellectually superior. On several occasions I have attempted to get you to look introspectively at WHY you feel inferior. Your feelings are not my issue to solve. Only you can do that. Good luck.

          26. just what is a “government knows best state”? You said it, now explain.

          27. Deflect, deflect ,deflect, yada, yada, yada. My feelings have NEVER been a part of this until YOU go off into left field. Answer the very simple posed to you, philly.

          28. Just WHAT is a “government knows best state.” You are one SCARY old lady, philly.

          29. Tick tock tick tock, philly. Answer the question.

          30. Reading comprehension, philly. Try it sometime.

    3. Lucy McBath is listed as living in Marietta, GA. Her district is made up of the affluent northern suburbs of Atlanta, Marietta is one of those suburbs.

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